GSI Perc3 Coffee Maker Review

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The GSI Perc3 is a rugged, stainless steel, stove top coffee percolator. It’s size and weight make it ideal for backpacking and camping.


Sir Gregory L Peoples says:

these are much nicer coffee machines for bruewing spice tea and such make
much better tea than the old convinchnal ways tell me what do you think?


Great video.Thank you.

Gmork says:

Percolator for the loss! Puts out some pretty harsh coffee. Just get
insulated coffee press which makes far superior coffee.

tornmask says:

@tornmask : i still have my “GSI Perc3 Coffee Maker” which makes a great
cup of coffee since the last time i posted my comment! =0]

Freedom4Life40 says:

Thanks for the video. I especially enjoyed the GI canteen cup. Nice touch.
I purchased a GSI Perc9, because of this video.

likeifigiveashit says:

Great! just why are you in the middle of fucking nowhere?

sotto2 says:

Thanks but please get a windscreen for ur mic.

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

Dude if one would like a stronger cup of coffee one should just use more
coffee and not wait 15-20 min because all that is going to do is that
already brewed coffee goes over the grounds over and over only to bring out
all the bitterness and bad aspects of the coffee. It’s simply you maybe
steep your coffee for 4 min in a french press but if you would use the
coffee grounds again then it would only bring out bitterness and bad taste.

possenti says:

Nice product. Thanks for demonstrating it.

wheely132 says:

whenever i go camping i use our perculator. its a 12 cup maker. its a
pretty big one.

chris settles says:

you lost me at “I usually drink instant”.

solobackpacking says:

tape some light weight sponge/foa over the mic to reduce wind noise.

MrMelodiousThunk says:

Thanks for the review, but don’t brew the coffee longer to get it darker.
Brewing for 15 min will ruin the coffee! instead, just use more coffee! I’d
recommend trying two tablespoons of ground coffee for each cup. Just keep
in mind that a “cup” in the coffee world is 6oz, not your normal 8 oz! When
I percolate coffee, I find that once it starts percolating, it usually
takes about 8-10 minutes for the coffee to be finished. Of course this will
vary a little!

sotto2 says:

Thanks, but please get a windscreen for ur mic.

tornmask says:

u gotta b kidd’n me, i use da same “perk” & the actual “US” military issue
canteen cup before i view dis video & my result was an “awesome cup of
coffee” ! ! !..tanx so much fer dis cool vid ! ! ! =oD

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