Giveaways: Black and Becker Coffee Maker (Closed)

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Enter for a chance to Win Black and Becker Brew ‘n Go Personal Coffeemaker with Travel Mug (see video for more details). This Giveaway sponsored by http://ww…


Marin Islam says:

Hey, I like your video

GrailHunter says:

hey whats everyones favorite coffee? mine is magnum roaster blue mt

texanspazoid says:

I am looking for my first one cup maker. This seems like a great option!
Thanks for the small review.

strife01104 says:

i have the similiar unit they made with the cup that looks a lil more
rubbery. Not a bad unit but dont put larger mugs on it as they tend to tip
over. Otherwise the coffee comes out pretty hot…way I like it

Nop Chayabutr says:

Nice and compact.

GrailHunter says:

Yep guess who’s back das is back. Need the black and decker poopoo wrecker

jacee kelly says:

niceeeeeeeeeee! I LOVE COFFEE

cookiebakr says:

I enjoy watching your videos! Would love to win this coffee maker – could
really use it now since my Keurig quit working this afternoon.

Trisha Alner says:

I love this because it is perfect for on the go! My fingers are crossed!
Thank you for the opportunity.

GrailHunter says:

i am going i am going to win positive affirmation

TheLadynative18 says:

I would love go have this at my desk!! I love coffee!!

Rick Shelby says:

Brian is an exceptional salesman of an excellent product.

GrailHunter says:

put my name in so i can win.

GrailHunter says:

gotta have it. u guys rock

GrailHunter says:

and i like there columbian margiotype. they call it elephant bean

lexus miller says:

I love coffee and my coffee maker doesn’t work and we just bought it and we
need a new one

GrailHunter says:

that thing is.pretty cool tho.

pat7148 says:

i want it!!!!!

Preston Moncla says:

never won anything this would be amazing!!!!!!

GrailHunter says:

might finally win. i never win contest.

Davajeya Garcia says:

I would love this to keep at work! Awesome product

Sulaymaan Khan says:

Hi i want this cofee maker becoz the other one died

GrailHunter says:

aroma cup should be aroma contest.

GrailHunter says:

i want u black sorry i didnt mean to decker. but she wouldnt stopcoffee

GrailHunter says:

need that

GrailHunter says:

Coffee is a great way to start the day for real.

TheJazzyGH says:

That indeed is nice

GrailHunter says:

please let me have this please

hassan alsufyani says:

nice machine

Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Congratulations Trisha Alner! You are a Winner of the Black and Becker
Coffee Maker!!! Thank You to Everyone for Participating and stay tune for
more Weekly Coffee Giveaways! Enjoy your cup,

Regina Graves says:

I LOVE it! Gotta have it!

GrailHunter says:

is the cup thermal? looks like it.

GrailHunter says:

need this gotta have it

Siying Ma says:

wow! i want it

mooreshd says:

My old cofee maker died…i would love to win!!!!

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