Gevalia Coffee Maker & Starter Kit..

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I recently ordered this, here’s my opionion…


rumpledrumskin99 says:

Very attractive spokesmodel,lucid and succinct delivery.this kid should be
in commercials at very least and film,definite possiblilty.That bird needs
to go to sleep,tho.LOVE IT!

lisari007 says:

Thanks so much, Rumpled… ooxxx

Amethyst28305 says:

Did you notice on the coffee machine, in the picture it shows at least 12
holes for the water to flow and finally diffuses correctly and actually
brews the coffee? Yeah right, all the holes are all closed and only 1 is
open, and the coffee doesn`t brew but just runs through really fast, very
bad coffeemaker.

teddybrusky says:

i like your video but just for you and everyone take note that this is a
new product of china like many of our house hold appliances the problem is
in the material which is used to make the unit.I also so purchased this
unit a month ago to find each cup tastes like plastic and then you ask your
self if its really worth it and how could they expose this type of plastic
to high temperatures and what are the by products im taking in.Pill sized
amounts of Estrogen anyone.

John Piyiroti says:

you are so ugly !!!

cry0s says:

good sell, I used to work for Gevalia a long time ago, excellent products,
good customer service and several different shipment options to fit
everyone’s needs. If you still use it, try the Cafe Sperl, it’s awesome!

lisari007 says:

Update: I’ve had the Gevalia Coffee Maker for a few weeks now, and the
coffee is magnificant!! Definitely worth the money….

rcromero13 says:

Great Job! I feel like I’m right there with you opening up the package.
Thank you once again for posting this video. These are informative, helpful
and honest. You are a truly generous human being, the world needs more
people like you.

dizazterpiece07 says:

EXACTLY..! CANCEL when you want to CANCEL!! haha..

Mike Dinan says:

Does your bird say ” Ku Koo Ku Kooo ” loll I love the Bump Its in your hair
; P

delta6677 says:

i bought the gevalia coffee maker and it was the best coffee i ever tasted

Clinton Murphy says:

Me and gevalia go way back to 1990, I was 16 yrs old and had just moved
into my own place i got a free bunn coffee maker and 4 boxes of gevalia
traditional roast doe 10.95 it was the best deal and the coffee is sublime,
i have been a loyal member since, i love trying new exotic blends and their
limited edition and seasonal flavors well worth your dollar for sdure

wolfsheepsclothing says:

I have been using mine for almost 4 years. It works great and makes great
coffee. I feel a little guilty because I canceled after receiving the
coffee maker and the initial shipment of coffee.

jsthere2watchvideos says:

i got the same thing you got for a way better deal then you did

abstractpurpose says:

there taking my money and ive had to cancle my card and start a new one to
keep them from billing me. I cant say i like gevalia at all after they took
my money without telling me or even sending coffee….they just billed me.
dont buy from them

lisari007 says:

Actually, looking at this vid from almost two years ago, i was a hot
mess… lol, but the coffee maker and the coffee was great.

carrieannanthony says:

You got to get the Keurig K cups. Its really good!

Naomi Love says:

your cool thanks alot for the review đŸ™‚

Amethyst28305 says:

The followup shipments for the coffee doesn`t taste as good as the initial
shipment, the flavor is not there. They will ‘real’ you in the followup
coffee is not tasteful. The coffee size is smaller than the ones you buy in
the store, like half the size.

Amethyst28305 says:

Did you notice? The picture of the coffee maker shows 12 holes and you
think the water finally diffuses correctly and actually brews the coffee?
Yeah right, all the holes are all closed and only 1 is open, and the coffee
doesn`t brew but just runs through really fast, very bad coffeemaker.

Truth is says:


CC33777 says:

When can we see a review of you making and taste testing the Gevalia
coffee? Great vids by the way!

rumpledrumskin99 says:

Ecxcellent delivery,beautiful spokesmodel,lucid delivery,soft-sell with a
sense of humor!You should be in movies!

ocelottiger says:

OMG Im laughing so hard!! That was hysterical! I could hear Buddy in the
background and Bailey watched it with me and said “Listen to Smokies
cousin” Lol…

MrMac5150 says:

You look Italian and Hot

jumpinjedi123 says:

you would do much better if you commented on american made products and
american made vs. china products. did u buy another steam mop. if so which

lisari007 says:

I had a different experience.. the shipments came in, the coffee was
great.. finally my last shipment was when I had to call them and cancel,
and I asked how I could sent the recent shipment back, not to be charged,
and they said “Keep It” so my experience was awesome, just too much coffee
for me to consume.

kyleraiders15 says:


Trudy Lynx says:

aww only 4 videos? I love this kind of free information on products! I
would watch religiously tbh. will sub anyways and hope you add more!

carrieunderwood5223 says:

you are awesome please do a review on the swivel sweeper

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

Freshly roasted and ground coffee before each brewing from all over the
world has billions of different flavors so why ad flavors to it.

mike w says:

I have drank this coffee for 15 years , almost have tried every flavor and
I never got anything but the same cost.

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