French Press Coffee without a PhD

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If you want to make a perfect cup of coffee at home use a French press. Coffee at a coffee shop can be hit or miss (lots of misses). The keys to making a great cup of coffee are using freshly ground beans and water that’s hot, but not too hot. The ratio of beans to water is subjective to taste, find what’s right for you–there is no wrong way! And experiment with different beans; where the beans are from and how they are roasted can make a HUGE difference…sample grinding different beans to find what makes you happy.
Over the years I’ve made coffee every which way there is to make coffee, and using a French press is the easiest, quickest, and most reliable way to brew the perfect cup.

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How To Make French Press Coffee:
Measure your water and bring it to a boil.
Coarsely grind coffee beans and add to the pot (use whatever ratio of beans to water YOU PREFER…I like strong coffee, and use a ratio of 1 Tbsp whole beans for every 4 oz. of water)
Once water boils, set aside uncovered 1 minute to cool. You don’t want to use boiling water…in one minute it will be just right.
After one minute, pour water over beans.
Cover and let brew for 4 minutes.
After 4 minutes, slowly plunge the filter through the coffee.
Pour and drink and enjoy.
That’s all there is to great coffee. Keep it simple.

“Your Call” by Kevin MacLeod. Music track used with permission Creative Commons: By Attribution and found at this link:


Marcelo says:

I think the normal way if you drizziling boiled water on coffie makes it more strong.

Desiree Lynn says:

The smaller the coffee cup. The more fancy lol

Obi Gun says:

Yes u'r right. WHO CARES 😀 (3:53)

Mike Rosol says:

How do empty your grounds

Paula Warner says:

Lol this is great!!

Renata Melati Putri says:


superstar85ca says:

I like this guy.  "it's not the end of the world!"

Makayla B says:

This requires at least a masters degree

Freestyleliving says:

How much was your grinder through they say you have to spend 150 on a grinder that true? Starting to watch video

Yael Brizard says:

Thanks!! finally know how to use this shit

Freestyleliving says:

2 main factures to mess with strength time vs grounds edjucate me some people say 2 mins 3 mins 4 mins brew time plus how time vs coffee grains affects taste

Jefferson Buck says:

Thank you so much I just got a French press and I love it so much.

Aaron Kahn-Bork says:

As a fully credentialed coffee snob with a coffee snob job I couldn’t decide whether I was more stressed out or amused by this… you’ve pretty much got us nailed, spot on and I love you for it. And if the way you make coffee makes you happy, I’m happy you’re happy deep breaths, anxious moustache twiddling

Mill Burray says:

I like the transparent coffee

thundermtnhunter says:

You'all need to try some cowboy/cowgirl coffee. maker & coffee has to be all crazy!

jms980 says:

As soon as she said cray cray, I posted this and stopped watching. Shame, because the guy had an entertaining personality.

frankborja25 says:

I have had a french press for years sitting in the cabinet and not until I watched your video did I have any idea what in the heck to do with it. I now make the best coffee that I have ever made with that thing and I am going to impress my friends with your spaghetti squash and creamed kale recipes! Thank you!

Chris Tataris says:

Chef Buck, thank you for being hilarious.

C K says:

It's absolutely wonderful, first time I tried.

123willy1000 says:

WOW, very informative, very interesting, i think i will start my mission for some equipment and try it, and i am a true coffee lover, so this will be a worth while avenue for me to try out, what the heck do i have to lose, and it gets me away from the plastic stuff in the old coffee machines right !!!???? yaa, 2 thumbs up man, great video, and if you can make our government that easy, heck, you got my vote !!!!!!:::)))))

baysikecho says:

This guys hilarious

Gayle Better says:

I just got one in an office grab bag. I made my first pot and it was yucky! You've inspired me to try again!! I will not give up until I get the perfect pot !!!!! Great video !!!!

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