French Press Coffee Maker Review

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This is my review of an Ikea French press coffee maker used to manually make delicious tasting fresh coffee without a paper filter. Instructions: to use the …


Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

Ikea presses are garbage. Buy instead a quality one from Bodum that will

Oogrol Adams says:

buy instant decaf coffee 😉 throw the pumpy out small girl

Andreas von T. says:

LOL yeah is kinda weird on mine too.

Onehundredjobs says:

Instructions on how to use a French press: to use the french press, you
fill the glass coffee carafe with coffee grounds at the bottom, then add
boiling hot water and then the pump or press top on top. Pushing the pump
(or press) halfway down, let the coffee steep for several minutes. After
brewing is complete, press the pump up and down several times, finally
pushing it entirely to the bottom, then pour and enjoy the coffee!

Onehundredjobs says:

Hm, I just read this: “you unscrew the filter on the plunger by grasping
the bottom filter assembly and the other end, the top of the plunger, and
then twisting them against each other.” Attempting, even though I couldn’t
unscrew it before.

Arturo A. Trejo says:

I like your pompi :3

Onehundredjobs says:

I DID IT! It’s weird to unscrew, but I FIXED MY PUMPY! YAYYYYYYY!!!! I
should do a French press coffee making tutorial because all of the ones on
YouTube SOCKS!

Andreas von T. says:

Take it apart. that’s what I do

Onehundredjobs says:

How? It doesn’t unscrew.

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