French Press and French Press-like

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This is video 3 of 5 (and also thus marks the moustache twirl intro). This time a little more focus on a specific brew method (or style of brewing -immersive). Again, not lines in the sands, but lines of suggestion. With these methods, I think it’s important that you DO NOT ‘set it and forget’ as the ‘great’ Ron Propeil once said; and also to not over agitate the ‘system’ when ‘pressing’ or decanting. It’s okay that a little coffee ‘slush’ stays behind too. There are of course variations on the French Press that skip over the press -they are not discussed here; and if you must know our current favorite immersion method is the one that employs the Eva Solo.


bruce roundtree says:

YouTube: ultimate French press technique.. totally goes against what we all know about French press but it is the best coffee I've ever made just try it, thank me later!!!!

Rashad Nagi says:

I admire your passion, subscribed.

Steve Steve says:

you are not surpose to leave the tea in the cup neither…

Bullit Cake says:

Ima bring this comments back: meanwhile In Africa…

Vanessa TX says:

Incredible aesthetics! Very pleasant to watch. Thank you

bartkl says:

I recommend James Hoffman's alternative method, which steeps way longer (9 to 10 minutes total) and I'm telling you: it doesn't overextract, it tastes amazing.

The Vail Tribe Family says:

What if you don't have a scale. How many teaspoons??

Paige karlsen says:

Thanks sumpcoffee! I was trying to figure out how much coffee to use in my cafetiere for just one "cup" of coffee. I´m going with 1 heaping TBS:)

John K says:

apparently he doesn't know how to brew tea and how delicate it is!

Miguel Mendoza says:

I had to check amazon for bleach free filters. Found reusable coffee filters.

миша жаденов says:

All what you need it is good coffee.

keto2465 says:

nice simple straight to the point .will use this video for help after i buy my french press!

neashley72 says:

This video was awesome to a newbie coffee drinker. I'm starting a keto diet and will start off my morning with a bulletproof coffee. Great explanation.

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