farberware coffee maker percolator thermostat fix repair

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UPDATE: 6-10-14 …. I had to replace the thermostat AGAIN. 3 months of use (maybe 90 cycles??) … only took 3 minutes to replace it but I am glad I BOUGHT …


Matthew Olson says:

Update: I’ve been searching for this ridiculous part… I believe the
part is not made by a big name brand ….ie, not honeywell or cantherm. It
is likely a proprietary product from china. 36tm01 560288 is on the
unit…. also there is a 59F … I think that stands for 59 deg C (F is
for falling). I’m not sure about any of this, so everyone needs to do
their own research. What really sucks is that EVERY place I’ve have looked
is out of stock. 🙁 sorry guys….

Mary LG says:

Today I was able to repair and save my 8 cup percolator by following your
directions. It was starting to make lukewarm, very light brown coffee.
Thanks so much! And I am hoping this thermostat will last years, like the
original. The coffee, as hubby says, is Starbucks hot again. Happy! Got it
from Goodmans this week.

dsodapopper says:

Goodmans is sold out ): Do you know anywhere else to buy one?

Pat Roberts says:

Very helpful. Suddenly my 8-cup Farberware perc started making very weak
coffee.what you explained must be the same problem. We’ll give it a shot.
Your daughter was a big help!

Matthew Olson says:

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