ESBIT Coffee Maker

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Here is a video of the Esbit coffee maker in action! New Review Here:


Titaniumlegz says:

Glad I could help

merbkerb says:

Thanks for the review it was very helpful. Well done!

Titaniumlegz says:

Woohoo! First video to go over 1,000 views! Thanks everyone.

funkyprepper says:

why would anyone want to drink instant coffee?

Titaniumlegz says:

Glad you found the review helpful. You will love this thing if you get one.
I want to use it everyday.

Maciej Lademann says:

Thanks 🙂

Titaniumlegz says:

Oh, it’s a Stanley

junglegusset says:

I feel sorry for sotto2 having to ‘look round’. How inconvenient! Thanks
for the review mate, good effort.

Maciej Lademann says:

Hello. Titaniumlegz can you tell who is the manufacturer of the pot ? I am
looking for such a pot for yourself, but I don’t know who is manufacturer.

khaled Extras says:

Thanks for tge review. I was intersted in the coffee maker. I have the
stanley and i really lije it

Maciej Lademann says:

I did not think about coffee maker, but about the pot from which you are
remove the cup.

bas1563 says:

So does it work like a percolator coffee maker? Did all the water you put
in it go directly into your coffee cup?

sotto2 says:

Well, I was disappointed not to actually see the pot work with the other
Esbit accessory and cube that it’s sold with. Now I’ll have to look around
to see if somebody really tested it as it comes in the box.

Titaniumlegz says:

That box is used for putting the ESBIT cube in so you can regulate the
temp. Thank you for watching.

buletpoint says:

did you or do you use instant coffee or ground? txs

Titaniumlegz says:

The company is Esbit.

Titaniumlegz says:

Great reminder! Thanx for bringing that up. And thanks for watching.

Titaniumlegz says:

@buletpoint I use ground coffee. I am not sure how instant coffee would
work. Thanks for watching.

Titaniumlegz says:

I works similar to a percolator, but it’s pressurized. And yes the water
all brews

viscara says:

be very careful when using a windscreen you do not want it to be snug
around the stove and tank of your cook system as it will literally boil
your propane tank and could make it explode! You should warn others of this
as its easy to do if you not cautious.

Ces1um says:

Thanks for the video! I’ve been wondering about these for a while. The
website shows a small rectangular steel box is included. What’s it for?

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