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This is the second review of the Esbit coffee maker. This time using the supplied stand and cube. Here is the link to sign up at THE CLYMB: https://www.thecl…


rikuk3 says:

Looks like you need a stronger coffee there. Good video though.

Paul Ross says:

Thanks for the review, try to use coffee with a finer grain and push down
or ‘compact’ the coffee with a light pressure – that way the water goes
through with more pressure and absorbs more of the coffee bean flavour.
More chance you will get crème also.

Every coffee machine and bean grind has its quirks and there is no 1 rule
so experimentation is key. For these machines i like to use Lavazza.

scottchris10sen says:

Thanks for the review, very helpful

rmstudio says:

Great little kit to have with you to make coffee any where you like.
Although I have to say if this boy is drinking Yuban that boy will just
about drink anything.. LoL. Great video and thanks for letting me even know
about this little coffee kit I never knew about till now.

Spirit Baker says:

Thank you for the help. I tried using this pot a couple of times but used
the small cube and it wasn’t enough to get it to boil hard enough to pour
out. Shame you have to use such a large cube.

Titaniumlegz says:

Glad you like the vid. I to think the Stanley cup is the perfect match.

Anthrax2404 says:

Great review, nice vid, exactly what i was looking for. Thanks.

Titaniumlegz says:

@scottchris10sen I’m glad you found it helpful. This is one of the coolest
pieces of gear I’ve ever had.

JACK Alleman says:

Great informative video.You should also put a plug in for the Stanley cup
as this seems to be a good match.Sir job well done

Marc Grecco says:

Looking forward to using mine when I receive it

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