Esbit Coffee Maker

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Saw this on Funky Preppers channel and had to get one. I looked at the coffee accessories for the Jet Boil but the thought of messing it with coffee wasn’t f…


sebpearce says:

If its stainless steel you wont damage it on a normal fire you would have
to get it up near 1400 – 1500 c to warp stainless

General wood / coals / wont get you anywhere near that in an outdoors camp
fire or pit

Wanting one of these my self after seeing it on funkys a while ago 

Franco Prezza says:

Yeah. It is arrived today. First coffe tollerable, pheraps is to find the
exact quantity of coffee and water, but I think that on the mountains it
will be very very good. Nice and complete review. 

minbound says:

Yeah that darn Yankeeprepper guy is a hell of a salesman, lol. It does make
really good coffee though, I do want to try one of the Esbit makers as well
but was wondering about using it on a really hot fire and just ending up
with a cup full of water and not much coffee, lol. Take care my friend.

MrFermanaghman . says:

LOL I know priorities of survival No1. COFFEE!!!

Clinton K says:

Ok number two on the wish list….

btam13 says:

I have one of the AeroPress coffee makers also and I love it. Wife loves it
also. We got rid of our electric coffee maker. I would love to try out one
of these Esbit coffee makers though.

disguisedprepper says:

Nice review mate. That is going on my list. A bit of luxury in any
situation is a real morale booster. Mmmm fresh coffee, you cant beat it.

PAULIEBOY1967 says:

Nice review and tips Tom great bit of kit cheers

funkyprepper says:

its a nice piece of gear tom – i had to tighten the valve nut on the side
after 20 goes, but its no drama, if you edc a multitool your good to go 😉

Stan Pinnock says:

thanks for that tom, looks a great bit of kit, its the first thing i will
order after my holiday.

hunterian1986 says:

Nice one mr, looks like a great bit of kit

jediknightofthewoods says:

Nice one Tom! All Hell is breaking loose, its a SHTF scenario, the roads
are gridlocked, electricity grid is down, cash machines dont work, petrol
stations cant dispense or take for fuel, people are panicking and…Tom
breaks out the Esbit coffee maker for a nice cup of ground! lol! I want you
in my corner when it all goes tits up Tom! Nice One! 😉

LegendSexy says:

Thats a really interesting product.

minbound says:

I had been wondering about the high heat versus the low heat issue. Thanks
Tom, you might also look into the Aero press as well I have one and it
works great for a one cupper. Cheers.

Clinton K says:

I really enjoyed my esbit cuppa

barkingbadger1 says:

Nice bit of kit Tom

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