Equipment Review: Best Automatic Drip Coffee Makers

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Which automatic drip coffee maker produces the best brew? We tested 7 machines—and what we discovered was eye-opening. (To be fair, there was plenty of caffe…


Carlos Reyes says:

Just got one of this, 1300ml water, 56gr coarse drip coffe, and it took
exactly 6min to extract. It tasted amazing

Liz Berger says:

Looking for that perfect cup of coffee at home

helpfulnatural says:

I’ll take my Chemex drip brewer over any of these models any day. Never a
bitter cup, ever.

hammerofjezabel says:

She would never shut up! lol

Eugene Chvanau says:

Who like coffee?? DeLonghi ESAM6620 Gran Dama Super Automatic Beverage
Center with Automatic Cappucino on eBay

destuffilator says:

I’ve been using a 4-cup Braun since 2006…consistently brews at 200
degrees even. Paid like 27 bucks from JR Computer & Mucic…and now they go
for upwards of $100, used (because they were discontinued in 2006), on
Ebay. Next to my 60s vintage Corning dripolator, it’s among the best coffee
makers there is.

ScottDinz says:

I want to marry this woman.

destuffilator says:

Or you could use a dripolator…that *never* wears out or breaks down.

Greg Heapy says:

Unsure this has been shared already but Americas Test Kitchen has put
together a nice little video about the best Drip Coffee machines out there
right now. 


Thank you for the great review! I wish you would have taken the time to
name the other coffee makers that didn’t make the cut.

lowspeed says:

Instead of putting more coffee how about putting less water? (I know not

sumochop360 says:

I like this lady. Put more of her on and I’ll subscribe to this channel.

James Lankford says:

“ATK loves to always pick the most expensive machine in every single
category, ” no, LOL that’s not correct at all did you even watch the video
? and the fact that you can’t taste the difference between coffee made with
a $10 piece of crap machine and an expensive, well built machine just
proves you know nothing about coffee you should just stick with sanka

CAPiiX7s says:

I bet this bitch got a bubble butt

Christopher C says:

For $10 I got a reusable pod which allows me to use my own ground coffee,
pod purchasing is optional.

Ivan Wang says:

That’s a lot of research for a cup of coffee. 😛

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

Technivorm Moccamaster has 5 years guarantee and that’s because it’s built
to last. I’ve heard of a 20 year old Moccamaster machine that is still in
use. You could save some money on cheaper coffeemaker that makes a bland
cup of coffee but you would have to replace it every couple years so the
savings will be less than none in the long run.

nanga1972 says:

Why didn’t you review the Behmor Brazen? You can adjust preinfusion and

sonnybrenda1 says:

Just what I was looking for.Great job. THANKS !!

Christopher C says:

I tossed my automatic drip for a pod type and never looked back!

lilhiphopgirl101 says:

Have you done a review of espresso machines yet? I’m interested in
purchasing one.

Darksunshinerain87 says:

Damn, you guys really went all out to research these coffee makers!
Magnificent review!

HenakiX says:

Wow. This was unbelievably informative. Thank you 🙂

loudhoward00 says:

That is a good question, try asking it with Seattle Coffee Gear, they
answered my questions about it, i just bought one from them and am planning
on asking them questions if i have any trouble.

hawaiidispenser says:

Excellent review. I love all these detailed explanations.

CaptainFabulous84 says:

If I ever spend $300 on a coffeemaker it’s time to call 911 cause the
Captain has lost his mind.

Tim Sheets says:

Great review. thanks!

sdushdiu says:

they are= they all

pgmp says:

Thank you for this review.

GigaBoost says:

Great video, needs some text though..

electronblue7 says:

Please review superautomatics!! Jura Ena vs Delonghi Magnifica vs Saeco

vszasz says:

Can we get some tips on ways to clean the carafe on the Moccamaster?

kgmoome says:

Wow, great review. How do the keurig machines compare?

dominique loor says:

the dutch we take our coffee seriously

Eddie Franko says:

My best coffee maker ever was a Braun German made I bought in 1994 on a
yard sale in DC for $5. Even new that coffee maker costed only $25.00.
Every single coffee maker I bought since just plain sucked (Mr. Coffee,
Black and Decker, DeLonghi, etc.) This was a great review! I’ll get the
Dutch machine, I love coffee.

Chilax says:

damn all that to stay awake.

thihal123 says:

I love this chef. She’s a very good narrator and explainer. A great story
teller! More of her in video clips! Bravo to her!

drthmik says:

Just use a French press it’s WAY cheaper and makes a very fine cup o joe
for just a little more effort!

Jasper Ferrer says:

great review

Tom's Test Kitchen says:

I have the Cuisinart DCC-1150, makes a perfect cup every time. Costs around
$75 online.

Jeff says:

Vaccum coffee makers meet all these requirements

likeslunch says:

Talk is good. Especially “a lot” of good talk.

Kenneth Segovia says:

Excellent video!! Thank so much for evaluating these coffeemakers.

Mike Patterson says:

wow thanks for the review. this has pointed me a whole new direction. I
know which two coffee makers to consider now.

Tsun-Wu Liu says:

Unsure this has been shared already but Americas Test Kitchen has put
together a nice little video about the best Drip Coffee machines out there
right now. 

sdushdiu says:

A much more practical test would have been to set a reasonable price limit
for a machine, say $40, and evaluate those to see which comes closest to
the esoteric standard of what makes an anything but attractively tasting
commodity acceptable. 😉

sdushdiu says:

Not if you don’t mind being a slave to exorbitant consumable costs!

CaptainFabulous84 says:

Are you kidding me? I could buy a brand new $10 coffee maker that makes a
perfectly fine cup of coffee every year for 30 years before I reach the
cost of that thing. Or a brand new $30 programmable one each year for 10
years. It’s just coffee (hot water into grounds and then filtered) , not
rocket science. ATK loves to always pick the most expensive machine in
every single category, and for most people it’s simply unnecessary and

sdushdiu says:

Sorry folks, but even at the ‘best buy’ price, and with the amount of
coffee they recommend using, considering that the taste of coffee is
nothing anyone would be chasing were it not for the fact that the drink had
caffeine, they are conspire to encourage an initial as well as ongoing cost
of ownership that is far too exorbitantly priced. I can find other money
pit “habits” into which I can ‘pour’ my money that have a much better
return on investment.

wlai says:

OMG ATK., that’s alot of talk to get to the point!

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