Elektra Microcasa La Leva Espresso Shot and Latte

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This was about my 10th shot I’ve ever made with a lever machine. It has been quite an experience to learn to do espresso in this manner instead of relying on my Rancilio. I watched a few other…


William says:

This was uploaded 4 years ago. Do you still have the Elektra and if so, how
has it held up?

Urbino237 says:

This is one of the best lever machines in its price range on the market. I
have had mine for 12 years and haven’t one complaint about it.
As others have commented, wipe the steam wand asap with a damp cloth, and
after that give it a 2-second additional shot to blow the tip clear. Your
tamp may be too tight as well; I would back off on that somewhat.
You are doing fine; lever machines are the most difficult to master. It was
about 2 months after getting mine that my shots were consistently good.
This is a really finicky process!
Add some commentary next time; it helps educate those who have no idea what
this is all about – the best way to make an espresso/cappuccino at home.
The flavour is unmatched – until getting into the $5000/$6000 range for
semi-automatics like the Marzocco GS3 or $9000 + or – for a Speedster from
the Netherlands.

achimwasp says:

Google-Übersetzung? Glattes Eigentor! Geh mal lieber zur Schule als hier
Leute zu verunglimpfen.

SuperRadtastic says:

Please clean the steamwand as soon as you finish steaming the milk, such a
beautiful machine deserves more TLC.

achimwasp says:

Wo hast Du denn das übersetzen lassen? Glattes Eigentor! Geh mal lieber zur
Schule als hier Leute zu verunglimpfen.

lipglossary says:

he did it right for having a single boiler machine. The milk has more
volume to it anyway.

dman777100 says:

I have a Silvia and was thinking about upgrading to this Lever machine.
Have you been able to conquer it? How do the shots taste compared to the

Dave B says:

8 minutes of masturbation

Ross Frederick says:

@chirslhardin if I ever come for a coffee at your place I will let you know
im coming 3 days before. All the very best.

jacksonkan says:

may be I am wrong , and sorry to say: I have no idea what the grind and
tamped PF stayed in the group and waiting for the barista play fingers ??
brunt result and try a more decent grinder instead of ROCKY, I mean even a
good mill even better, enjoy your HD video and looking for a better shot
soon. THX

arminask says:

I’d heat the milk first, then pull the shot, so the shot wouldn’t sit there
loosing heat 😉

Karl Danninger says:

Was that one shot, or two shots?

Dave B says:

Stick w/ the Silvia

SomeDude says:

Best 800 quid I ever spent.

achimwasp says:

Übersetzung von Google? Glattes Eigentor! Geh mal lieber zur Schule als
hier Leute zu verunglimpfen.

fingers08 says:

I think this machine keeps the boiler at boiling temperature and uses heat
sink for the espresso chamber, so in this case the milk should be done first

Chris Hardin says:

@HusqvarnaRules Yeah, I waited too long because the machine wasn’t quite up
to temp yet. I should have waited another 20 minutes before I even did my
grind. Someone else told me I was tamping to hard as well. I’ll back off
quite a bit. I may be exerting way too much force. As far as pulling, it
feel rather hard to pull. It may just appear that way because I’m a pretty
large fellow. 🙂

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