Easy Fix for your Keurig Coffee Maker

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Use a Sonicare toothbrush to clean your Keurig!


Tony Lawrence says:

Our Keurig acted up a bit this morning.

This panicked us.. this is one of the very few pieces of equipment that we
would have to replace almost instantly if it failed (our GPS is probably
the other).

I found this on-line:

Richard Kim says:

Sir, you are a LEGEND. I tried EVERYTHING else and luckily stumbled onto
this video and this worked. Thank you very much.

BenatarTribute says:

Genius…thank you!

Melissa Elliott says:

You are awesome!! Thank you! I used a regular toothbrush and it worked just
fine as well. I would have never thought of this.

Gregory McPherson says:

Unreal. I’ve tried numerous cleaning video/tutorials and nothing has
worked. The Keurig’s water stream was weak and would take much longer to
complete a cycle than in the recent past. I just followed your
instructions, and now, good as new. Thanks for sharing this video.

Steven Hartley says:

So glad this worked thank you!

christine pechera says:

Tried de-scaling with vinegar 3x times over the last year. Nothing but
limp, partial cups. Was about to toss my stupid keurig out the window when
I came across your video. I would have never thought to do this. Thank you!
The dang thing actually works now!

Thomasj106 says:

WoW! This worked!!!!! Thank you!

best coffee maker says:

ha ha ha 🙂 nice its tooth brush

brittany cline says:

I ran a mixture of water & vinegar through my keurig. I then ran 12 large
cups of clean water through. Ever since I did that my coffee has been so
watered down and light brown. Nearly tasteless other than creamer. Please
help. The only reason I ran the solution through it is because I noticed my
cups were as big as they use to be & I thought a good cleanse would remedy
that. Any suggestions. 

Pam Blizzard says:

So grateful for this, thanks. I didn’t use my sonicare toothbrush, I just
used the sprayer from the sink. Interestingly enough, now there is more
coffee in my cup too. Thanks friend!

Harley Arellano says:

thank you this was very helpfully

Carlos Vasquez says:

Dude that worked. Thanks!

Vicky Henderson says:

Our keurig stopped drawing water and I tried everything I could find on the
internet to get it to work – this was the only thing that did! Thank you
so, SO much for sharing this trick! :-)

Amy Dale says:

Thank you so much! Just when I was ready to give up I found your video, and
it worked! My keurig is now working again!! I thought I had tried
everything, but clearly I had not. I just wish I had found your video
sooner, because instant coffee just doesn’t cut it when you’ve had a keurig
coffee maker.

nittoz78 says:

thank you sir!! i’ve been dealing with this issue for quite a while. 

Brigid Priebe says:

Worked great!!! Thanks for sharing this.

Puppytoes44 says:

After 4 months of everyday use, my Keurig Elite slowly stopped filling my
cup. I heard about problems like this and people replacing theirs several
times – I just couldn’t afford another one. YouTube to the rescue. OMG –
this worked like a charm! Thank you!

MsIrishtimes says:

Regular toothbrush worked just fine and I recommend running a batch of
plain water through after cleaning as my next cup of coffee had some kinda
gross debris floating in it. 

myprayer11 says:

Thanks just did this and it works! Awesome! Blessings! 

GoldenBoyFlorida says:

Finally! I tried every other “fix” on here, and this ultimately worked
great! I am now getting the correct amount of water per cup, too – which I
never had before (it was never enough). TIP: After ‘brushing’, I used a
Q-tip to further loosen any ‘gunk’ that the brush couldn’t reach. I found
that the Q-tip, as it is flexible, can be poked rather deeply into the
intake. Thanks for the post – worked like a charm!

Colby Peone says:

fuck you n your nice Keurig lol 

TOMLUV3249 says:

Water goes thru the K-CUP so fast that the last 30% is all water,If it was
desinged to go slower,We would have a better brew.

baumstuff says:

Well, this partially worked. My Keurig had been working without a hitch
for over a year but I thought I should be a responsible owner and descale
it. Mid-process the Keurig completely stopped working. I tried the
toothbrush trick and it started producing half-cups which is better than
completely shut down. I should have left well-enough alone and not
bothered to descale! From what I have read on the Internet, you should
probably either descale regularly or not at all.

Mr Georgio says:

thats like double dipping the chip.

MrSeamiccon says:

Hope that was the wife’s toothbrush and not yours…

nyc3299 says:

This worked for me too! I cleaned it several times with vinegar which was
the only advice given by the manual. I knew it wasn’t drawing water but
thought it was going to be a bigger issue. Thanks very much for posting

mclouser440 says:

Worked for me too. Thanks!

susie4n6 says:

Thank you Jesus!!!!

Melissa Taylor says:

Thank you!!! Worked like charm!!!!

Rhonda Brown says:

Do you know how to fix a Keurig that sprays as it dispenses?

teeohhem says:

Thank you so much! Worked like a charm!

Sookie Pookiedooh says:

Thank you so much. My keurig has been in storage for two years and I could
not get it to work. Your advice did the trick!!!!

Patricia Schenk says:

worked like a charm; thx so much

soccermom17540 says:

Worked like a charm. Our replacement arrived today but we know for the

NewYorkGhostHunter says:

I can’t get mine to do anything, I tried this and nothing. Can it be fixed
by taking apart? Mines not drawing water at all.

havejf11 says:

You do know the have reusable cups right? Derp.

Jamie Rogers says:

thanks for this! Merry Christmas!

2bjw2 says:

Lifesaver! Keurig about a month old and I kept getting the “prime” message.
Took a regular soft toothbrush and followed your instructions. Voila!
Coffee. Should be in keurig manual!!

Erica Dunn says:

Thanks! Worked perfect!

yourwato says:

Sincerely, Thank you! I was like oh my how am I gonna fix this. You are the

Kathy White says:

Thank you….I was ready to throw mine out the window! I tried everything
and this was the magic cure! Although I just used a regular toothbrush and
brushed vigorously. I don’t have a sonic care toothbrush.

PlayTilTheyBleed says:

This fix might help: youtube.com/watch?v=yTywnn3eCkA

Tracy Ann Jalique says:

Hi alusher2! That toothbrush trick worked pretty well! Thanks!! There is
also a video by Keurig on cleaning the Kcup holder and needles which was
really effective too! NewYorkGhostHunter, I think this one will help to
solve your problem. Burping the machine helps too!!

Cody says:

sounds like a blast!

Joe Hill says:

Awesome fix! It definitely worked like a charm.

wrlester112674 says:

This worked fine – didn’t have to be a sonic care toothbrush, regular brush
worked fine =)

Cathy Leuthe says:

It works!!!!! I just did it after finding your video post. You’re awesome!

rjorquera1 says:

Thx Was about to give up on my machine…

Eugene Fry says:

Dude, This totally fixed the problem, which was either not drawing any
water at all or only making partial cups. Thanks for the info!

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