DeLonghi EC155 Review- Best Coffee Maker

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DeLonghi EC155 Espresso Maker in action. More Info at DeLonghi EC155 is an amazing machine, no wonder it’s so pop…


Andrei Capris says:

More than 3 years with the Delonghi EC155 and still running well. An
amazing little machine! I wonder how much I’ve saved so far on coffee! :)

ejdf870 says:

I have this machine, and I have 1 major question about it: *how* are you
supposed to know when the espresso stops coming out of it, and hot water
starts dripping down into your coffee???
This has happened to me on several occasions.
There is simply nothing on this machine that alerts you when this is about
to happen, and it does not automatically stop when it has finished making
coffee. It just keeps going. No wonder my espresso often tastes watery.
What a hideous design flaw. Expect Delonghi to eventually come out with
another espresso maker that corrects this fault. Of course by then I, and
everyone else who bought this machine, will feel like a sucker.

mockingbird Adnane says:

please help me i cant get any foam from my machine i think its the water
flow , anyway someone help me pleaaaase !!

Billy Ratthahao says:

My portafilter is really hard to line up in the middle. Did you ever have
this issue? 

Ariel Bertin says:

Gaggia Espresso Pure

Gigi Lee says:

seems like very handy, small and easy to fit into my small kitchen. 

Celia G says:

> Andre! Wish we’d’ve looked up how to use this machine from the beginning,
lol! We understand it now – our question, how to use coffee-pods in the
machine. The instructions aren’t sufficient to figure it out – can you help

Anna Jovanovska says:

very nice coffee cup 😀 The kiss-Gustav Klimt 🙂 

stephenmartinez1 says:

It takes longer than 45 seconds for it to build steam pressure and
completely heat up…your shots must cold..

Basta says:

Hey, I just got this machine and I seem to be having a problem with the
water tank, its not sealing and when I fill it with water and put it all
the water flows out, do you think you can help me with this? Would be
really appreciated bro 😀 +Andrei Capris 

mt hyungyong kim says:

Thank you! It was easy to understand.

Ahmed Mostafa says:

hi Andrei

Kin Tang says:

I love your demo because you have done a great job.This compact easy to use
machine can perform to expectations and is so cheap that everybody is
likely to buy one. Your demo is convincing.

Andrei Capris says:

@CoverGirlCarter: If your espresso comes out too dark it means that your
grind is too fine or that you are packing too much coffee in the filter.
Try using less, see what happens.

Andrew Croesy says:

Good video! thanks for uploading,very informative , I recently bought a
delonghi and it makes great espresso shots! As I am quite lazy I use ESE
pods, works very well with these.

Maxi_overload says:

thats sounds great. Maybe tomorrow I m going to buy it. I found it here in
greece around 60-65 euro extremely cheap for what it offers!

AlainawyA kozan says:

you convinced me, i just ordered one. i hope it makes the coffee the way i
like it. thanks for the video.


Mine doesn’t work then lol did it exact. Doesn’t work T.T

Andrei Capris says:

Steaming the milk for one minute seems a bit too long, you could burn it.
Make sure you insert the tip of the wand into the milk first, and, for the
last couple of seconds dip the whole wand down. Then tap lightly the
frother on the bottom, so the milk mixes well. Good luck!

Graceguia says:

Thanks for the quickie instructions! Helpful. I was used to the one from
work that broke down (thousand dollar automatic machine) so I didn’t
realize until my cup was near full that you had to turn it off after the
espresso reached the level in your cup that you wanted.

Andrei Capris says:

You can get some cleaning products like this one for $15: Urnex-Dezcal(on And if you don’t want to spend the money you can fill up your
machine with water and lemon juice and let it run until finished. Then run
one more cycle with water only. It works pretty well. Also, make sure you
clean the filters too.

Gururaj Deshpande says:

what about the water?

Mark Bartlett says:

look up into the shower screen. unscrew the countersink screw and clean the
screen, refit.

BootiqueChicBaby says:

Great video! Straight to the point an covered all my questions! Just got
this machine 2 days ago and love it!! Never again will I pay $4+ at
Starbucks for a cup of coffee!

Austen DiPalma says:

“There you go, niiice and steamy!” I don’t know why, but it cracked me up
when you said that. Thanks for the great review!!

Raul Fernandez says:

Thanks! Really helpful.

Andrei Capris says:

So far it’s been almost 2 years since I had this machine and never had a
problem with it. And I use it every day. As far as the quality of the
espressos/cappuccinos, it depends a lot on the person making it and the
coffee that’s being used. You can get a lot from a cheaply priced machine
like this. Practice makes perfect!

Mark Bartlett says:

also… before steaming, put a pitcher under the wand and open steam fully
until dry steam.

Ahmed Mostafa says:

thank you so much on ur helpful video, you are very true…. you made me
became doing it with your steps everyday. plenty of close friends came by &
allowed me to offer them some good nice cup of coffee, your steps made good
impression on them. they said i’m became professional cappuccino or
espresso specialist. You did helped me a lot. Really Thank you I do
appreciate it. May I chat with you online via internet sometimes ?

theshoeminator says:

I’ve had my EC155 for over a year now, and it’s the best little machine
I’ve ever used. I also use Illy espresso, and what a difference it is using
a quality brand of coffee! Nice, thick crema, and I use the larger
portafilter for my single shot because I enjoy a very strong cup in the
morning. Highly recommend this model!

Andrei Capris says:

I have used illy coffee, It’s actually my favourite. I never tried the ese
pods, but the machine works with them as well. At least that’s what the
manufacturer says. 🙂


if i could get the tim hortons french vanilla cappuccino every morning be
awesome, out of the Delonghi… :P.

Yousef Noori says:

You are welcome, You acttually have to do this for every 300 shots or so.

Andrei Capris says:

Yes, it works. Getting the milk at the right temperature takes some
practice but it’s fairly easy. You will need a stainless steel frother,
that would cost about 8$ and that’s it. You can definitely make cappuccinos
with this machine.

Gaz54Mau5 says:

Brilliant Sir! Thank you.

Michael Lee says:

awesome vid bro..seem like a cool dude! I just got this and my issue is my
shots seem very watery…using Starbucks Espresso Roast. Any advice?

jeff tang says:

for some reason when I steam my milk, it gets frothy enough, but not thick
enough to do latte art. I am using whole milk cold out of the fridge and
steam it for 1 minute. help?

pav2k says:

Are you Яussian?

yaza majid says:

I felt when u explain in this video like you’re one of my friends, I think
your characteri is similar to mine 🙂 and at last thanks for the video and
you encourage me to buy EC155


does the same method work when your making a cappuccino???

Matthew Finger says:

Don’t forget to clean out your steam wand before and after use!

Yousef Noori says:

Illy is like the top of the line espresso powder.

gt75 says:

Thank you so much for your advice. I just did what you said: the only
difficulty was loosening the screw, which was extremely tight, but I had
the tools needed. The metal grate behind it was solidly clogged with coffee
grinds. No wonder the pump could not push much water through it!

Mark Bartlett says:

i still got my 155 and a eco310. now running rancilio silvia. delonghi
taught me some,

Shonda Carter says:

How did you get your espresso light like that? When mines came out, it came
out really dark.

Williamdavidgarrett says:

Thanks for the video I juat orderd one 🙂

arkasza2007 says:

Socks + flips 3

jdove1234 says:

Hi thanks for your video. Couple of questions – 1. Why did you turn it off
after half way? How long could you keep it on for? 2. How much espresso can
you get out of one filter full of coffee grounds?

Yana Ayrapetyan says:

Question: I’ve had my coffee maker for over a year now and I’ve noticed
that the coffee is barely dripping now. Any suggestions on how to properly
clean the inside of the machine?

Andrei Capris says:

If the foam is too dark, try packing less coffee in the filter. Also, the
grind should not be too fine. Try a different grind and maybe a different
coffee brand. Good Luck!

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