Delonghi EC 155 Espresso Machine

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Good espresso, enough crema and $88.00… Enjoy.


zebimmer says:

You have to remember that this is an entry level machine with a pressurized
portafilter. The so called “crema enhancer” basically froths the coffee and
gives a fake crema. This allows you to use any coffee and grind with little
to no tamping (good for newbies) If you unpressurize the basket, you can
only use fresh roasted beans grinded very fine with a quality grinder right
before pulling the shot to give a real espresso with real crema. This
machine is capable of good espresso when modified.

cobraitor says:

Molto bene!!! Questo cafe e veramente profesionale!!! Auguri di cobracan!!

Nizar ajarmeh says:

what is the best coffe for this machine ?? its hard to find a perfect
grinder !

Gary Ramsey says:

I have this machine and I love it. Granted it is a starter machine. It does
what it is supposed to. I use a Capresso 560.4 burr grinder. Works well.
When this machine wares out I will up grade to a bit better though costlier
machine. But this is my choice for now and I am very happy.

Kurt Miller says:

Thank you for sharing, I’m definitely considering this.

renix says:

@6age3 Hario/Kyocera Hand grinders are about $75 or a wooden Zassenhaus box
is about $90. Otherwise, you’re up into the $350+ range for electric.

eglievich says:

Is it warm on the top of it (or is there another reason why you keep a
glass there)?

Fran Ramos says:

who do you get so much cream with your machine?

latengocomoburro says:

I have tasted good coffee, probably more than you will ever taste. However,
I do not think you waste so much money and go through so much trouble for a
cup of coffee, The method I just described with a $20 coffee machine will
give you great coffee. (much better than that american watery coffee

tizfrreecharm says:

Good demo! Two questions: 1) are all this level espresso makers this noisy?
I’ve seen a few vids on this most popular home ec model and when the
machine is cooking, it’s loud enough to mostly drown owt Johnny Cash and
that leads me to Q2 – what is the name of that pleasant tune? Thanks

jesusannel2011 says:

I just bought one Delonghi coffemaker like this. If crema Is as showed in
video, I’ll like it so much.

latengocomoburro says:

I am sorry but, all of you expert coffee making experts make me laugh.
“Extraction time”, “Bustelo Junk”, “creama enhancer”, Blah, blah blah. At
home I have a $20 (the brand is just “premium”) cofee maker, I use BUSTELO
or PILON, I put the sugar in the recipient first, once the coffee is ready
I use the frothing tube on the side and it comes out with a 1 inch thick
foam that does not go away, really thick foamy stuff. AND THE COFFEE IS
AWESOME. Please people DON”T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!

Cheatr2001 says:

How did you get so much crema? is it the coffee?

EvanOz85 says:

latengocomoburro…you are living proof that ignorance is bliss. But I
still can’t help feeling sorry for you. Spouting off your nonsense about
how great your cheap coffee dreck is, when you have never been afforded the
opportunity to sample artisan coffee. Poor guy. That’s ok though. Just
don’t ever taste good coffee, and you’ll never know what you’re missing.

Xiao H. says:

How do you get so much crema? I’ve never been able to get so much crema.

lucky singleton says:

i just bought this one and i love it . this is the best tasting coffee i
have had at home and i love coffee. i had grounded up my coffee at the
store Turkish blend very fine. i am glad that i did it made it easier to
press down. i love this machine.

MrTos1 says:

It is warm on the top

Nie Mam says:

sexy coffee machine 🙂

go leafs go says:

@tizfrreecharm U2 The Wanderer feat JC

BurntFossil says:

The same thing exactly could be said about everything else in the world.
Like to not waste my money on buying $20 shoes because they do the job and
I personally can’t tell the difference, same with computers, same with
paints, same with glass ware and so on.

pr01sk says:

At first please excuse me for my poor English 🙂 We can see a short
extraction time (it is 15 seconds from 2:23 to 2:38). Good extraction time
for espresso is above 20 seconds. I resolve this problem by using a
portafilter for 2 cups even for making a one shot, filled to 2-3 mm level
under the top, and by temping it slightly stronger than you. Using a 2-cup
portafilter is also good for making cappuchino ’cause i love big one 🙂

renix says:

@6age3 Whatever you use, don’t use that Bustelo junk. Order from
Intelligentsia or Stumptown, etc. to start out.

neal1990 says:

Dude….you have offically ended my search for an espresso machine!!!

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