Airspresso Coffee Maker Review and How-to

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Follow us on Facebook: This is our first go at a video review, and what perfect way to show off the Airspresso! Click the belo…


TenSapphires says:

step no 7! says:

Thanks for the feedback! Definitely need as much as we can at this early
stage… We will be working to make our videos as succinct as possible in
the future, but think of this one as two or three videos combined. With
regards to the high note, that is no doubt inexcusable! Need to get on top
of that one. And re the glare in eyes – our faces were a bit dark in most
other directions, and we really wanted that ocean view… Thanks again for
your interest and input.

Karl XZY says:

Vid is too long. Cut the fat. Stop ending your sentences on a high note.
Position your camera so you aren’t getting glare in your eyes. Cool vid. ­čÖé

Karl XZY says:


kjlued says:

Agree, video is way too long. The machine looks cool, just not almost $200
worth of cool.

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