Cuisinart DGB-900 Grind and Brew Thermal Coffee Maker

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Zack from Whole Latte Love showcases the Cuisinart DGB-900 Grind and Brew Thermal Coffee Maker. Learn more about this product at: http://www.wholelattelove.c…


John Dillinger says:

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. Every single morning…1825 beeps a year 5 every
morning. enough noise to wake everyone in the house

Oscar Herrera says:

so… is this one good or a not go?

Neal Farley says:

I like that you address the cleaning of the burr grinder at: 2:50 mark.
Jams seem to be the biggest complaint and if you just do a little PM it
will work like a champ. Good video!

roliagroupmember1 says:

thanks for demo

alexander majorov says:

It’s a good taste on the coffee, but its Not hot at all. I am deep
dissapointed due to the cold temperature, i can shot a brewed cup a coffee
without burning my mouth.

37mrpaul says:

Great demo I have the gaggia classic but I like this I may buy to make a
long coffee in the afternoons

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