Cuisinart coffee maker repair fix

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DCC 2000 coffee maker. It wouldn’t turn on. To repair it I switched the insides with an old coffee maker I have.


Hunter Mann says:

Thanks for the video. I found one of these at yard sale today for $1. Fixed
it the way you did, cool! Oh, don’t let people like FrankPaul bug you with
negative stuff. He/she is just in denial about their own expertise. Hey,
every expert village needs its idiot, and FrankPaul is one of them, lol.

Iman B Tabar says:

You don’t even show how to open it up!! Not a useful video for a very
common problem. 

HollywoodAMcom says:

Hi Frank or Paul, or do you have two first names like Ricky Bobby? That’s
cool! Anyways.. Your question is a hasty generalization. And why do you ask
it here? This coffee maker in now finished and used almost everyday! 🙂 See
the next video about it, showing it done!

peepmysteelo says:

Great idea. Will have to remember this just in case…I just got a similar

frankpaul3204 says:

Why is it that everyone thinks that they can fix stuff when they don’t know
what they’re talking about.

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