Cuisinart 14 Cup Coffee Maker UnBoxing Review

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DCC-3200 Perfect Temp 14-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Stainless Steel.
Un Boxing and having my first cup of coffee with the New Cuisinart.

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Denise Reiser says:

HAH! Boy, do I feel dumb! I am the one in the family that is tech savvy…but while reading the directions for setting up the timers, I got very frustrated and said screw it! I'll just make it as we need it. After 2 days of thinking, I decided to check out UTube how to's. Yours was the first one I looked at, and it was so damn easy I kicked myself in the butt for making it so difficult! lol Thank you! By the way, I already fell in love with my new coffee pot, but now I love it MORE now that I can set it!

shubash khanal says:

How do i program to wake up with coffee?

WATTzEVO says:

thanks for this lesson though no clue what’s was what and no desire to read the instructions

WATTzEVO says:

lol bro is that a tag on your armpit?

noel garcia says:

Is it autovolt?

Bacon Bandit says:

Nice unboxing, thanks

Bbr gm says:

Thank you so much, your video help me so much!

Rezii says:

Really in depth review I'm going to buy one for college thanks!

Saeed Sharanek says:

I am so thankfull man ! Tht really helped

Heron Place HOA says:

Enjoyed your video, Always better to watch a real person do it than reading a manual. My first Cuisinart. I wasn't a big coffee drinker so we made instant but hubby asked for a brew maker and I chose this one. Great features. Wondered if the gold filter is to avoid using paper filters? Not as easy to dump out coffee after though. Do you use the gold one. I didn't know know you take out the gold filter when you use the paper ones. Glad I saw you do that. My first brew I put the paper filter into the gold. I'm a novice.

muza says:

thanks for this video, it was so helpful

Mike Blake says:

14 cups ☕️ Tks

sandy smith says:

i still remember seeing you toss the Bella out of pure frustration i recently had a cheap Rival coffee maker that did it's time so i was using my Kurig with my own coffee not too bad but my brother in law found a Cuisinart DCC-1200 that a college threw out saw it sitting on the dishwasher so i cleaned it up and tried it out works like a charm i remembered your demo on yours when i was doing coffee in mine even tried an espresso blend in it comes out very smooth can't complain that it's a 12 cup as long as it works

Salvatore Escoti says:

I don't like glas Carafe, the coffe won't stay hot!

Esme Cullen says:

nice coffee pot. love the fact that it doesnt drip when you pour. thats how i fix my coffee pots that quit working. the ones i get tired of i donate to our local thrift store so someone else can enjoy it for a while. i got a bunn professional so i could have 2 pots at one time reg for everyone else and flavored for me. my newest one is the i coffee da vinci single cup and i love it. i like several cups of coffee but this way i can change flavors with each cup. LOVE you stainless kitchen it looks great.

Mark Davich says:

We don't need no Instructions. "DOH! You mean I needed those to see how it worked!?"

Hotori W says:

did you say those paper filter can be used for 60 days? If so what are those paper filter called? 4 cupfilters?

S Kim says:

I just opened it and expected to have a nice cup of coffee. however mine doesn't even start. it says 'ErL.' what should I do?

Karen Pruden says:

Having a problem with the 1-4 cup button. When pressed the whole 14 cups brew. What am I doing wrong?

Isabel Elsesser says:

my brand new unit is very slow. You ran it twice while I am still brewing for the fist time go around.

Dave Stutzman says:

what is the longest that the unit will stay on?

Mon Pamintuan says:

Great review! Just one question though, how does the machine exactly work? I mean does it heat the water first before it is poured into to the grounded coffee? Will the coffee stay hot once it is in the pot? Thanks!

Bill Jones says:

Why the shocking shit music at the beginning ???

denmo83 says:

Do you still like this coffeemaker? Thx.

Joey Roy Philbert says:

can you taste the difference between bold and regular settings?

Joey Roy Philbert says:


if you enjoy coffee, then you have to try grinding whole bean coffee fresh! Consumer Reports did testing that proved it's the best way to enjoy your coffee…

rdevous says:

Checkout Death Wish Coffee Company…They are suppose to have the World's Strongest Coffee. I got a pound of their coffee grounds yesterday. I've had four cups so far and find it strong and NOT bitter. I like the coffee very much. Check Youtube for the videos on the coffee!

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