Crew Review: Rocket Espresso Cellini Classic

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A heat exchange espresso machine that has all the oomph of its counterparts, with a lower price? Yes, please! Check out Gail’s review of this simple Hx from …


violian5 says:

At $1500 on your website, this seems like a bargain compared to the
Brevilles and Rancillos that are mass-produced. Even just sitting there on
your counter, it looks like a piece of art that would put a smile on
anyone’s face every morning. I made a vow that this would be my next
machine when I’m ready to upgrade. 

clockreact says:

hey SCG! i just got the machine not long ago and i notice that when i’m
starting up the machine, a lot of the time steam come out of the pressure
relieve valve. is that normal? it goes for a few seconds and then stops.

Coffeedude55 says:

I think this will be my next espresso machine? I will have to squirrel
away a lot of nuts to get this bad boy. This is one of the coolest machines
out there in this price range. The brushed finish vs the polished is not
too bad, I think the brushed is growing on me, and at a $300 savings over
the premium plus V2, it’s a great deal.

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Sure; I’ll put them on the to-do list for next year 🙂 – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Awwww 🙁 well, it’s a great little dude ! – Kat

1061shrink1061 says:

out of interest… do you know how big this mug you’re using is? i notice
you use it quite a bit and it looks like about the right volume for how i
like my drinks!

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Cool!! 🙂 – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed them and hope they’ve helped you narrow down
your gear. Let me know if you need any advice! 🙂 – Kat

Kevin Mendoza says:

Please, yes, great idea, I’d love to see a recovery comparison! Would an
extension cord work? –keep up the excellent work, thanks a ton–

TVguruful says:

Got my answer right here!

Jon Homrich says:

maybe a video of this machine vs the nuova simonelli oscar; blind taste
test maybe another video showing the insides of this machine vs the oscar
steaming power, ect 🙂

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

I think they’re about 6 oz total…? – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

I haven’t heard much about it, sadly … definitely check out the coffee
forums, there’s folks certain to be talking about it. – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Three 🙂 – Kat

1061shrink1061 says:

think this is the machine i’m going to get next year. Time to put some cash
aside!! its a shame they are proportionately more expensive in the UK

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

I’ll pass your encouragement along to her 🙂 – Kat

jerfgunn says:

Gail! Your espresso is awesome and your milk divine, you’re so close to
art. Instead of the “wiggle” you do, try more of a “wag”. Gently rock the
pitcher so the milk sloshes back and forth in the pitcher naturally instead
of trying to force it. Also pour a little faster when you’re trying to get
the art out; remember the vids with Louie? You’ll get a bit more foam and
less liquid milk slipping out underneath the foam. I know you have a
perfect rosette in you. 🙂

Gig103 says:

How many holes are in the steam tip? And yes please on the recovery time

jarno23cm says:

I’m battling between this device and the Bezzera BZ07. I know you guys
don’t carry the Bezzera, but it’s a pretty popular device here in europe.
Have you heard anything good or bad about the BZ07 yourselves?

ladyflimflam says:

Gail’s milk shake brings the boys to the yard? 😉 I lost most of this
weekend watching your videos. Really appreciate all the info and you have
earned my business for new equipment I will be buying in the new year.

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Thanks! We’ll do it – Kat

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