Crew Review: Rancilio Silvia V3 – Redux

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We’ve had this lovely lady around for a few years now and decided it was time to refresh our review! Watch Gail take us through features and specs, show off …


Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Hello Clay Rachel, We offer several delicious roasts and we like to rotate
through all of them. The coffee we offer can be found here: – Sarah

Naomi Evans says:

Thank you for your detailed reviews. informative, knowledgeable and
helpful. Appreciate your time and effort.

anarchist393 says:

Hi Gail
anyway. love your vids! great reviews! i am pretty much dead set on a
rancilio silvia but before i pull the trigger i thought i would ask you if
maybe there would be a better or alternative choice? i am more of an
espresso drinker, and was wondering what machine you would recommend if
the silvia wasnt around. something around same size under $1000. i think i
would prefer a boiler and aside from the gaggia classic. thanks :)

MusicFromMoscow says:

Hi guys,

Awesome videos! Always very informative and factual.

I just got my Silvia. Two questions.
1. What is the significance of the red dot on the group head?
2. When inserted, my portafilter does not reach a 90 degree angle from the
machine. Well, it does, but it seems I’m putting a lot of pressure on it to
get it there. Is this normal?


Patrice Fino says:

All of your videos are creating 2 super knowledgable baristas! They are
wonderful for brand new Rancilio Silvia owners!! Thank you!! My boyfriend
and I LOVE watching your videos!! :)

Hector Rosa says:

i am about to buy one of those but the a super question to decide which one
i want to buy it im on this one the Rancio Silva V3 or the New Breville
BES870XL its for commercial use for starter mini cyber caffe can you tell
which one is the best for that use or anyone the can be used under 12000
dollars ? thanks ! in advance !

BLT says:

+Seattle Coffee Gear I have this machine at home but I cant produce a rich
thick crema, I’ve tried changing beans, grind, tamp pressure, extraction
time. and i still don’t know how to fix it, do you have any ideas on the

Madaline Walker says:

Do you carry the Silvia’s with the new stainless boiler system? Or only the
pre 2014 ones? I’ve watched most of your videos on Miss Silvia and haven’t
seen an update since they changed the V3 boiler.


Clay Rachel says:

General question… what are your go-to coffee beans for this videos? What
brand/roast do you recommend for good espresso shots?

humbertsin1994 says:

Pretty brutal job at a latte lol

John Ramos says:

Does the 2014 version do anything the pre 2014 did, better? I know the
boiler has different connections but that could that just be a production


Roberto H says:

I am about to click check out on a Gaggia Classic machine! Tell me i’m
doing the right thing please….

k mitz says:

Just purchased one of these for my small town coffee shop I am opening up
in about a month. We aren’t looking to sell constant specialty coffees,
(maybe about 2 per hour type maximum type thing), and I am wondering if it
harms the machine to leave it on all day to avoid waiting times for heat

kam hagh says:

I have some trouble finding this in here, but i found some gastroback
machines, are they good!? Or i should somehow manage to get Silvia!!!? My
country is filled with horrible stuff! You can’t find any good products
here :D

c4li says:

nice review, thank you. I liked the look inside the machine, looks indeed
very serviceable. 

Christian B. says:

What is next step from this, Rancilio Silvia….. ?

Mrknewknow says:

I’m not sure I agree with you that this machine isn’t “fussy”. I’m on my
second Silvia over the last 9 years (first one was a V1 that I purchased
2nd hand) and even being able to froth milk to proper texture is not as
simple as just opening the steam valve once the light turns off (mine were
also pidded which helps). The amount of steam pressure I can get out of
this machine is enough to blast milk straight out of the pitcher, but it
took a lot of trial and error and testing to be able to do this
consistently. It’s also extremely difficult to get consistent shots without
a PID. I do enjoy your reviews though, so keep them up :), I just think
that the Silvia is a finicky machine, but I think that’s what draws me to

Yaser Ahmed says:


Please I want an espresso machine is inexpensive and easy to use and clean
and Cevdet manufactured high heat and drink very hot …. I also want
Mtahnha to grind coffee .. and the best type of coffee in terms of her

coolcattune says:

hi there is there is a new silvia with a redesigned element? version 4
perhaps? if so can u do a vid on this in one of ur next vids

Dave Lowis says:

Would have loved to have got this for my 1st machine, but had a Classic. In
reflection that would have been a nightmare since I was new to the
semi-auto coffee system.
Now I would love this or a dual boiler system.
Whats involved with fitting a PID to a classic?

Sandy Simpson says:

I purchased the Silvia with the PID from you guys about a year ago. It was
my understanding that the PID measured the temperature from the outside of
the boiler which is why the brew mode was set at the factory at 222
degrees. I notice on your Silvia videos your PID temperature is no higher
than 205. Is there an accurate way for me to measure and recalculate my
PID setting?

PopRoxBro says:

Rubber ding-dong? Is that a technical term, Kat?

brushfire bacon says:

Hi kat!
I am two weeks further with my rancilio silvia, and for a about a week i am
using a grinder, wich is set reallly fine, for espresso shots.
Here is my question, i want the crema to be thicker, there is some crema
though, but i want it thicker.
Mabey use another beans? I am using arabica now,

I hope you can answer my question :),

Keep up the good work!!
Grtz from holland!

pumpkineater23 says:

Hi. There is a hole in the base of my Silvia V3. I was wondering if I could
use that to somehow drain the (too shallow I think) tray? Then I wouldn’t
have to worry about overfilling the tray?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Yes – it’s because the PID interface is now your on/off button. – Kat

tabaks says:

So, if instructions don’t mention the boiler replenishment, they are really

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Of the two, I’d probably go with the Preciso as it has better grind
consistency and you can also dial it in a bit more — great for the Silvia.
– Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Yeah, your 58mm tamper can’t go to the bottom, but your coffee will expand
during the brew process and there’s not much to be done about that AFAIK –

jeffs99a says:

Does the Rancilio Silvia V3 come with a pressurized or non-pressurized

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

You could try weighing out different dosages to see how they affect the
shot differently. If you’re overfilling and not able to get the portafilter
locked in, they the shot will definitely be adversely impacted. I know that
some folks are concerned about the screw tearing the puck and it likely has
an impact on the extraction rate, but there’s not much you can do, sadly. –

Dubskee says:

Hey guys. Is installing a PID difficult? I am buying my first machine (this
one) and thinking about picking one up. Love the vids, thanks 🙂

MrAlligam says:

Watching this at work with the sound turned off and the auto-captions on
… too funny! My favorite quotes so far: Hoosier Brest Boiler; Frothing
Pitcher Massenet New York; Deleting your started deals gal; and Good ratio
of Carpet.

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

We do have a good ratio of carpet! 😉 – Kat

MrBurkebang says:

I have been watching quite a few of your videos. I’d like to offer Gail a
little tip that may make her able to do latte art 🙂 Try to make the
espresso shot first, then froth the milk and pour immediatly. The milk is
the main component of a latte and the shot will get the temperature of the
milk anyway, so it doesn’t matter if the shot waits for the milk to be
steamed. The microfoam starts to degrade immediatly and is not usable for
latte art after waiting for a shot to be pulled.

smackcheez says:

When are we going to see a Silvia V4?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

They have directions that come with it that will walk you through the
installation, etc. I think you’re going to get far more consistency if you
add this on and it will take some of the guesswork out of your espresso
prep. – Kat

Dave Schinkel says:

so what do you mean. Lets say I just brewed. Then you are saying I need to
wait for a period of time before I try to steam or that I need to purge and
then try to steam? What can cause burnout besides not purging right after
you steam?

Dave Schinkel says:

what is “channeling” ?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Hahahaha … yes, that’s a good way to put it …destructions! 😀 – Kat

Dave Schinkel says:

so I hate sour espresso….which is why I’d never drink Starbucks coffee.
So you mentioned the 15 degree ups and downs. I worry that I’ll get sour
espresso out of this which will not make my happy.

benc5488 says:

I’ve owned my Silvia for 6 months now and i’m very happy with it! I love
the pure utilitatian functionality of it, it just does the job and is built
to last! If they ever upgraded the machine, the improvments i’d like to see
is a dual or heat exchange boiler, larger drip tray, burn proof wand and
maybe a larger water tank or the option for direct plum, Overall the V3 is
a great machine though! So good in fact, the Prime minister has one in his

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Glad you found it helpful! Thanks for watching. – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

We asked our main rep and they said they have no plans to upgrade / change
the machine. Keep in mind that they are primarily a commercial manufacturer
and the Silvia is not a primary focus for them. All of their R&D and
manufacturing oomph goes into their commercial machines. – Kat

PeteBeast says:

I can’t really afford to go to the US though.

Rich says:

What ml cup did you make the latte in? 250ml?

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