Crew Review: Capresso On-The-Go

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Simply put the Capresso On-The-Go will make your morning cup with ease. All you need to do is fill the water tank, put your coffee in the filter, and turn it on. It will brew right into your…


chaconce says:

that’s why the instruction booklet indicates to screw the lid on before n

Byron MacGreggor says:

I skipped ahead to see the final result… Suddenly there’s coffee all over
the table and everybody’s drinking from the carafe like nothing’s happened.
Okay, lol. 

Luca Pertile says:

Gale!!! Thanks for sharing this video even with the coffee falling….

daluke61 says:

Some added drama, cool…just wish all my spills were that orderly!

Pamela Withheld says:

It would be helpful to have more information. Is the machine stainless
steel throughout, or made with plastic, too? Can you use a regular mug or
do you have to use the travel mug that comes with it? Is the mug unstable
(the fact that it was so easily tipped over)? How does the brew compare to
others you’ve tried in terms of flavor, strength, temperature? I am
interested in this product, but frankly you have told me nothing that makes
me feel that I ought to buy it!

Alan Saxon says:

I think you inadvertently highlighted a weakness in the design Gale!!!
Perhaps design 2 should feature an integral grip or clip for that tall cup!

AetherDreamSeeker says:

I’m a coffee and tea drinker. :3

flyc3 says:

Brendan is like that coffee, smooth and hot :)

lewistpau says:


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