Crew Review: Breville YouBrew Coffee Maker

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Hitting the market later this month is this new grind and brew from Breville that offers some unique functionality complemented by their always sleek style. …


Bryan Zygmont says:

Thanks for the review; I want to drink coffee with you two ladies.

Sharon Schroeter says:

great review, and yes, 2 yrs later, haha! 

Marcus Molin says:

*two years down the road, and i´m watching it… ;)*

Seattle Coffee Gear says:


Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@romancewriter YouBrew should be out in a few big box stores; we’re trying
to get a few in if we can swing it 🙂 Keurig is nicely convenient but the
cup is not as rich as you can get from a drip pot – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Were you able to get through to their service line? – Kat

jtx39 says:

Why are all the coffee makers on the market all plastic (inside) and BPA
plastic is still plastic. Plastic and hot water are not a good healthy
combo. I know a lot of people blow it off and just accept plastic toxins,
but there should be a better way. Any suggestions other than a french press
or glass vacuum or percolator to avoid the plastic toxins? (probably not,
but i know i don’t know everything)

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@klarinetta It’s the only con on this brewer in our opinion — fairly
inconsistent and not fine enough for our preferences. – Kat

stunmunky2 says:

A little cleaning trick I use is that compressed air for blowing dust out
of computers. Unlock the hopper, open the basket door and when the disk
swings up, give it a blast of air. Just be mindful to put a rag or
something over the top of the machine to catch the grounds. Or leave the
hopper in place.

zakkorama says:

I’m very interested in this unit, but i have no experience with Breville.
What is your take on the brand’s reliability? I would certainly hope to get
at least 5 years from the thing.

Seattle Coffee Gear says:


psyjpg says:

“You could… combo this as your alarm clock if you were close enough to
the kitchen…” lol! 5:20

Wh33lzZzZ says:

I just bought this for my mom for Xmas, read great reviews. Trying to go
through the first cycle & it will start & then “001” will pop up in the
bottom right corner. I’ve followed the manual, been fiddling with it for
about 90 minutes now. I tried calling customer service but their closed
(figures). Did anyone have trouble with using it for the first time?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@romancewriter It’s always something, isn’t it?!?!?! 🙂 – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@romancewriter You could definitely try it — just put it into the basket
and use the pre-ground function – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Well, it’s not a french press because it’s not immersion; it’s a
traditional drip maker that cycles the water until it’s heated properly,
then begins brewing. – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@newstart1651 We’ll be doing it next week; internal testing has been pretty
great so far… 🙂 – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@JtothaR06 No PID – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Well… but there are actual cup differences — and a difference in
caffeine content overall. They have to steep with a single cup otherwise,
the grounds won’t provide enough resistance and the water will shoot right
through, resulting in a very weak cup. French Press is just totally
different with the end cup quality – they taste very different as well. But
maybe I’m just being precious (highly likely) – Kat

dpd327 says:

Very informative video….you folks did a great job…only you missed the
“Empty the Grounds” on the display after the brew cycle. Happy New Year! Jim

T Dolby says:

I just bought this YouBrew and have used it for a week. Very happy so far!
It is my first step into the “grind my own beans” world. Very nice fit and
finish, great coffee!

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

They have tweaked the grinder so it now will produce a richer cup. – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@crazynsober2day Price is going to be around $199 we believe; comparison
should be up later this week – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

I haven’t noticed it, honestly — but I know that there is always some
attrition with the water in the waterworks and in the grounds. I haven’t
measured what that loss is, however. – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Definite improvement over the Cuisinart in terms of the steam, etc. I think
this has a lot of great features and my only complaint would be that the
grinder allowed you more functionality in terms of dosage and grind
setting. For most people, however, the grinder in this guy will more than
meet their taste preferences. We have one customer review on our site’s
product if you want to read about their experience. – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Conical isn’t necessarily better; that’s a misconception. Burr quality is
about the actual manufacturing, tolerances and $ they’ve put into
materials. Conical is great in a commercial grinder where you’re grinding a
ton of coffee at once as it limits contact with the burrs and, therefore,
there is a decreased possibility of heating the grounds. – Kat

mjjgolf says:

We have not had a good experience so far. On the grind cycle sometimes the
grind feed into the basket and sometimes the don’t. Cant figure it out.
Instuctions followed exactly. When using pre ground, with a paper filter we
have had grounds everywhere. For the money, it has not been a good buy.

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Hahahaha – if you don’t love yourself …. 😉 – Kat

theorignalpetrolhead says:

Girls, happy new year! could you tell me if this unit will switch to work
on 220 – 240V? Thanks in advance Steve

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@zhypoh It’s good — there is a little baffle that the coffee hits and then
it distributes evenly in the basket instead of just ending up in one area.
The grinder is not as great as we’d like; I’m thinking it’s probably closer
to the Burr Grinder level so that could be a future improvement if they
take it on. We’d love to see some ability to change the grind…but in our
next test video we have more info to share on it after we’ve played with it
for a couple of weeks. – Kat

wentwest says:

I like you ladies, cheerful and informative. It must be all that coffee!

Eric Demicco says:

In the ‘single cup’ mode it actually does steep the coffee in the water for
an amount of time determined by the ‘flavor’ setting (which is apart from
the ‘strength’ setting and is only available in that mode). The valve at
the bottom of the brew chamber that is normally held open by the carafe
(aka brew pause valve) is pressed open by a rotating piece on the machine
after steeping!

Matthew Hill says:

If you had to choose between the Technivorm or the Breville you brew, Which
would you choose and why. I like both, but the Breville does not look like
it would provide years of reliable service.

aesonvirus says:

Not everyone who visits likes espresso so I need a regular coffee machine
for when we have guests. I’ve been close to pulling the trigger on a
Technivorm but this machine looks pretty cool I’ll be watching for the

freestuufguru says:

Hi Kat! What is the best way to clean the YouBrew after using it? I always
rinse and dry the container where the filter is, but the metal spinning
wheel gets dirty – fast. Should I also wipe that too everytime after using
it? Thanks again 🙂

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@aesonvirus We’re filming it this week but internal testing, so far, has
been great 🙂 – Kat

freestuufguru says:

One thing I’m always not sure on is how much coffee beans or pre-grinded
coffee i’m supposed to put in it. Let’s say I only want to make one cup.
Thanks ladies! Keep up the great videos and chemistry!

TheCuznvin says:

Do you know the temperature of the water that the coffee is brewed at?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Hahahaha – great to hear! Hope you’re enjoying your new toys 😀 – Kat

Keith Antul says:

How’s the messiness factor of this machine? I’ve used some grind and brew
models that made a godawful mess, and condensation entering the grinder
area was a major problem as well.

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Sorry to hear about this! Have you contacted Breville? We haven’t seen this
happen with any of our testing …may need to be troubleshot/replaced by
them. – Kat

exwpgr says:

True enough, but I’ve never experienced such a significant and consistent
amount. What I’ve experienced with other machines has been minor and
relative to the amount brewed. Losing 6 oz out of 10 oz is a bit much. Of
course, when I would brew one travel mug there would be no significant
loss. I’d be curious to know your experience if you were to measure.
Breville simply told me to return the first one and never replied

JtothaR06 says:

Sounds like its fueled by spanners. Is there a PID?

newstart1651 says:

Wow, beem me up Scotty. That machine rock’s. the best feature is not having
to use all the water in the tank. For a morning travel mug you could maybe
get three days of use before filling the reservoir again. Cant wait for the
side by side with the Technivorm.

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

I can’t give this any longevity rating as it’s only been out for about six
months or so. In general, I believe their focus on build quality —
especially in their coffee equipment — is improving over what it was in
the past. – Kat

Robflys lears says:

@ab348: are you saying that the grinder doesn’t automatically grind the
appropriate amount necessary for the volume of water? I leave my bean
hopper full and it grinds an amount of beans proportionate to the amount of
cups brewed in carafe mode…. I am a little confused….

Weathership says:

Ladies….great chemistry as usual…well done

brickwindow says:

If you have an older version of this machine is there some method for
manually “tweaking” or updating the grinder or would exiting owners be out
of luck?

TheCowSaysMoooo says:

Thanks for the review. I saw an ad for this in the Williams Sonoma catalog
for Christmas 2011, for 279.95, free shipping. (Sugg, retail price was
listed as 350.00).

Kyouryoku says:

I’m moving in a couple of months and I’ve asked for this from a family
member. I can’t seem to find any reviews from consumers; I wonder, since
posting this are there any new insights on how it works, problems, other
features etc? I can’t wait to use it, my parents have the Cuisinart
DGB-600BCC and I hate how the steam goes into the grinding area (for
cleaning) I’m just hoping for a better machine overall 🙂 thanks for the vid

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