Crew Review: Breville Oracle BES980XL

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Ever wanted the quality espresso of a semi-automatic machine with the ease of use of a superautomatic? Well, the Breville Oracle might be for you! Watch Gail…


Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Happy Labor Day, Coffee Lovers! The Breville Oracle is now available to
purchase online:

From grinding to tamping and extracting your shot with just a push of a
button. The Oracle takes care of the technique, while you take all of the
credit. 😉 

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

+Scott Steel Are you planning on serving drinks to customers? The output of
any home espresso machine is about 10 drinks a day. For a restaurant type
setting that serves less than 50 drinks a day we recommend the Rancilio
Epoca S1.

Carlos Casiano says:

im thinking of buying a breville espresso machine. Im a new to the coffee
world but im really excited about it. So far the only thing i have is a
Cuisinart burr grinder. I love doing different flavor espresso and drinks
but i am struggling on what machine to buy. The oracle, the dual boiler or
the barista express. I would like a machine that will help grow my barista
techniques but that i will also get the best experience. Any
recommendations? Btw i love your videos, Really fun !

Steve ldnuk says:

Thats for yhe review! Are you able to get a bigger bean basket for this?

pogokam says:

Hi! Currently having Saeco Automatic expresso. (not very high end taste).
Want to go with a taste that is close as possible of restaurant/espresso
bar style but not going 5000$ machine. What do you suggest: this Machine
Breville Oracle or going with Rancilio Silva or Breville Dual Boiler and a
separate grinder. Is the fact that there is no control on dose on the
Oracle is a problem or dose are normally ok ? Would I see the difference in
taste enough to go with Rancillio/dual boiler instead of Oracle (on the
fact that the Grinder could be better or dose selectable…). I’m
looking to get a very good taste but automatic from Oracle is interesting
but not without a noticeable difference in taste with regular semi-auto
quality machine. Considering price tag of Oracle is the limit, what you
will do in that situation ? Thanks a lot!

Anthony Samra says:

Dori, you’re so freakin’ beautiful!

PlanetFabulous says:

As the dearly-departed Kat would say…that machine is TIGHT!

Lar Whelan says:

Can you do a giveaway, and give that machine away to me? thanks 

Andrew DiMatteo says:

Does it use the same coffee dosage for a single and double shot? 

Nelson Pelaez says:

I own one (BES980XL) luv it.. I have mine turn on at 5:30am so it’s heats
up on its own and I just make my latte before I head out to work.They
forgot to mention that the top of the machine is a pre-heater ..heats the
cups so a cold cup does not take away from the coffee. I give it 9.5-10 ..
A 10 would be a machine that pours the milk for you and makes the latte art
for you ;). 

Julian Gan says:

Trust Breville to make a superautomatic that actually does a decent job of
brewing and steaming. You’ve got some control over the brewing parameters
and the shots seem actually extracted within a reasonable window (not 10
seconds). Milk actually look textured, not dishwasher suds. Nicely done, +Breville

Andrew DiMatteo says:

Ok great thank you for your reply. I wasn’t sure. Would you recommend this
as an everyday machine for home? 

Traxy Stuart says:

hi – are there any concerns with grinder quality and wear? thinking about
upgrading from a 900 to the 920 OR the Oracle. I know grinder quality is
extremely important which is why people shell out for a good one with
semi-auto machines. Are there any other potential drawbacks on this
machine vs. the 920?

Natalie Holst says:

Thanks for the review, been waiting for it. 

tingboxchun says:


Uncle Buntz says:

Liking the new format people, although the old style was pretty random and
kept me on my toes regarding what might happen!

clockreact says:

starting to really dig the new videos! Its so nice to see more crew members
in your videos. great job :)

tomgreenlives says:

Wow Kat is gone, so sad 🙁
I order a lot from SCG and I just ordered something this week. The reason I
am so loyal to SCG was because and Kat and Gail’s unorthodox videos which
got me hooked into them. They were tight! This video very similar to
wholelattelove which I dislike very much (very dry and boring). Other than
that I will still keep my business with them. Whatever happened to Kat I
hope the best for her and I hope she was gone on good terms.

Stereotaxer says:

Boo hoo! Lusting bad but it’s too tall to fit under my kitchen cabinets.


…oh sorry for the quick review comment!.. …this is wht i miss =)) yess
Gail! Yeehuu! :D

Jay Nguyen says:

What happened to kat?

Michael Wong says:

I don’t like the new production style. It Seems less laid back and
scripted. What’s the reason for the change?

Adrian Mayo says:

i loved it…. hope i can have it here in qatar..

Corey Brown says:

DORY! OMG, i love her name! Marry me! Lol, has to be the cutest name ever!

Scott Steel says:

Sad to hear Kat isn’t around anymore – there was a charm to the older
videos that I miss but kudos to you for upping the quality of the vids. You
guys make the best coffee equipment vids on YouTube. Question: would this
be a decent machine for a restaurant/cafe where coffee isn’t the main focus
or is there a better one for the $2500 or so this thing runs for in here in

All the best of success and keep up the great work!

Corey Brown says:

I love Breville, I believe they make great machines, I haven’t bought
anything different because I feel like I don’t need to. They test their
machines to perfection, and I think they’re one of the best in the

Ash Giles says:

When you review the bes920 can you please make comparisons to the 900.


Just wondering if you guys think this auto tamper/grid uses to much coffee
as the 980 does not come with a single option. Meaning you always have to
use a double shot of coffee even if you push the single shot option…….I
am surprised the girls did not pick this up in the SCG review as a con of
the 980.

Donald Allen says:

Almost makes me want to sell my Dual Boiler.

dgilchrist6361 says:

Love all your reviews. You girls have been so helpful as I look at a home
machine and explore a commercial operation. Thanks for all you do!!!!


villainmack says:

unlike super autos it knows how to steam milk properly.

Alpha Anderson says:

Hey gal. Not sure how is this compare to those more traditional ones like
the rockets etc?
This machine looks so convenient 

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