Coffee Tips – French Press

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Learn the basics of brewing at home with La Colombe. Presenting our French Press video tutorial, part of our Coffee Tips series, featuring La Colombe co-founder Todd Carmichael. Stay tuned for future Coffee Tips, and let us know if there is anything in particular you would like to learn about!
Everything you need to brew a great french press coffee:
Bodum Chambord French Press:
Hario Scale:
Bonavita Electric Kettle:
Baratza Encore Electric Grinder:
And of course, coffee:


punkamatico83 says:

Lose the hat!!!

Mauricio Delgado says:

How much of the water is absorbed by the grounds?
Percentage please.
Like if I want 750 ml of coffee , how much water should I pour?

Sagara14 says:

So… The water should be : 17×45 : 765 ml sire ???

expat2010 says:

Another guy assumes everyone has a scale. Why not simply mention how many spoons for a typical coffee cup (show one) along with the formulas?

Brian Ralph says:

Your mic is top quality. Picks up the baritone well.

Lenny Buttz says:

Dude, you're making coffee, this isn't an audition tape for America's Got Talent, not that this would have a snow ball's chance in hell of getting you through. The sound effects are not cute or funny just do the damn video.

voidremoved says:

I use to be a barista like you, then I took a grinder to the knee.

TripleAceAAA says:

gotta love that extra squint when trying the coffee lol

Tina Jackson says:

I have ALWAYS been a coffee drinker…like, morning until dinner kind of coffee-drinker! I have never owned a french press and at 45-years-old my kids bought me an amazing french press for Christmas. WOW! I am impressed and truly won over! I have experimented a bit and found that when I "brew" for the 4 minutes, it's awesome, yes. However, it's probably in my head…but I do stir gently after 4 minutes, let it sit for another 6 and then slowly and gently plunge it until it just sits on top of the coffee grounds (because by now, 90% of them have settled to the bottom). You did make it look incredibly easy – my first few times did not look that smooth! LOL Although, I did enjoy the outtakes!

russell perez says:

Just got a press and am obsessed with it.How can I get one of those hats??I love your canned coffees and espressos BTW.Do u sell those hats online?

Leo Lawson says:

Best Fresh Press Coffee instructions on Youtube. Two thumbs up.

David Garza says:

So 765 grams of water is around 16 oz right?

Neck Beard says:

"The covefefe know how to brew its self"

Jason Pe says:

If a scale wasn't available what would you say could be the correct amount of tablespoons to ounce of water?

RedSaint83 says:

I've been way too cheap with the beans I see. I've been using 2/5th of what is suggested here 😮

Raskoln1kov says:

I hit play at 3:44 at least a dozen times and kept laughing

Coleman Bishop says:

I didnt know George Clooney liked coffee

goofernator says:

like for metric measurements

Victoria Vol says:

Gram water..?!!? Water is a liquid and it is in milliliter.You mean 17 milliliters ?

Sara Elisabeth says:

Best video I've seen on french coffee .

PC Principal says:

"Oh nice" is literally what I say after the first sip of my favorite brew. 😀

Dyl Connaway says:

I have yet to try any La Colombe farm direct coffee that isn't outstanding in the French press.

Nicolai says:

What I love about french press is just how honest and manual it is. You see exactly what's going on and can costomise to your taste preference

Curtis Hillard says:

Thank you! This is by far the best tutorial I have seen for the French press

Jonathan Horowitz says:

When I brew using FP, I either get an extremely bold, almost chocolatey tasting brew with bitter notes, or a really fruity/sour tasting brew, even with fresh ground beans. I'm trying to match the sweet aromatic tasting brew that I get when I go to a cafe that uses Colombian beans (which are in stark contrast to the extremely bitter roasted beans that Starbucks uses). The beans smell amazing when ground but the coffee that results smells really sour. I'm not sure if I'm over extracting or underextracting. Some videos say brew for 3 min, some say brew for 6 min. :/

Gavri Krisman says:

Can I first pour the hot water into the jar and only then add the coffee?

Dancingbear says:

Great video and presentation. I find the 1-17 ratio only good for the less darker roasts. A pre ground packet of coffee, say strength 5 in the UK, I use 700ml of water to 25g of coffee with the same brewing times and technique.

CDO says:

I like the humour in this but several important items of information are missing.  Specifically, no mention is made of the water other than it should be 'hot'.  What does that mean?  Boiling?  80°C?  90°C? 95°C?  Do you pre-warm the press before you add the water?  So many questions…

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