coffee maker

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IT HAS SOUND! sorry noobed out on the audio, but anyways i finally got a coffee maker NUF SAID!


ida Toronon says:


Joel Magnusson says:

its like 1-2 spoons per mug

xxxxxGhostBoyxxxxx says:

idk why i laughed. what the hell dude.. haha. u guys funny.

MadQmike says:

YOUR camera man sucks dicks

JDybeck says:

@CockneyBurberry I’m Swedish.

Tom Mcgee says:

you americans make coffee really weirdly :S

wowzec says:

Anyone elese get excited when u see a swifty video in ur sub box????

SoulgraspWoW says:

can we do a Dara Mactire stream for LoL???

MrRzrWolf says:

how is he so good at wow??

tru da boss says:

Make a vid of u going shopping

Zemnexx says:

All the instructions I have seen have always said 1 scoop per cup.

NorwayGuy100Gaming says:

Jason’s laugh cures cancer.

Umbra Fidelis says:

Swifty, a nice rule of thumb for making a good cup of coffee with a coffee
maker is: For each cup of water you put in, you wanna put one not
overfilled spoon of coffee powder in.

Espogaming says:

Troll’s be hatin’.

jason plain says:

try coffee mate it powder milk but it make it a creamy and keep it hot for

XeLLKiller says:

LOL SWIFTY you make me crack up every time, three spoons man! LOL


Don’t tell me you bought 3 computers and LCD’s for World of Warcraft…
Because if you did, I’m jealous.

MaxAtTheMax says:

he’s never eaten lemons…

sandeman717 says:

you need to buy faire trade coffee

biln3 says:

1 scoop to 1 cup learn to read packages

antelive93 says:

Spoiled mfker, Done my own coffee all my life lol

jjenkzify says:

The guys laugh makes you laugh as well. This is pretty entertaining in it’s
own natural way. Really like it, it’s not a trying hard type of vid that
will make you laugh. The innocence of the guy itself makes me smile.

stroeckxie says:

lof dude, swifty wtf, that’s not a coffee maker!!! that’s jsut some trash!!
buy yourself a senseo dude. 45 seconds before you want a coffee, you press
teh button, you put a new coffe pad in it (takes about 5 seconds) you place
your mug under it and press the other button, coffe made in 10 seconds! 45s
+ 10s = 55seconds… you get the point?

drMislav says:

no spoon? 😀

PwningTehNoobs says:


finnishtalk says:

About coffee. You should put one spoon/small coffee cup. You should
probably put two since you have big ones. And about the milk don’t heat
it.. its supposed to chill your coffee abit so it doesn’t taste like lava

scherri0401 says:

get a fully automatic machine with coffee beans. taste way better when they
are fresh shredded

fingolduin says:

I wonder when Lilo is going to make them get some furniture for their
house… >.>

MaxAtTheMax says:

Ben and Jerries Milf and Cookies

MrPuppeteye says:

Noob at coffee!

TheTeamJada says:

Zzz spousal

MrLogan11122 says:

Swifty has like a perfect life. While im sittin here watchin one switfy ur
the best!!!

Kleptoxx says:

02:01 The Lonely Island – Jizz in my pants 😀

ShacoSlaya says:

Add me on LoL @Aruku/Shaco Slayer

shawnjhon100 says:

ur coffee is like syrup man

KinnuProductions says:

Well first of all that kind of coffee makers are bad quality. You should
consider a Moccamaster of some kind! I have a golden edition one and it’s
perfect for normal coffee. Use 1 scoop / cup, that’s how I like mine. I
used to do less but now this is what I use. I drink around 5-7 cups a day

dubst3ppppp says:

@Revo33 Your father is a homo ^^

toppercent says:

Swifty, where do you get your wallpapers? I love them!

Gabriel Coutinho says:

SWIFTY!!!!!!!!!! if you wana play League Of Legends add me summoner name
is: McKillroy

Issac Hamilton says:


ieorzel2 says:

omg i have the same coffee maker.

Supermann301 says:

Swifty, even trolls pore coffee better than you, and add sugar better than
you. Hm… Are there trolls living in the mess where your computer’s at?

JDybeck says:

@CockneyBurberry they really don’t..

NonsensicalSpudz says:

“cold” milk makes coffee cold …No way

Chris Newton says:

I never really realize how bad my life sucks til I catch myself enjoying
watching you guys live yours…

Lithinz says:

You should fill the pot up with water everytime with the same amount of
coffee in it. Coffee pro here.

Meki531 says:

3:27 Only put 2 scoop fulls of that in for 1-2 cups

MaxAtTheMax says:

No you’re not supposed to warm the milk…

Devon Ponke says:

LOLZ… my guilds name is AFK my cats on fire >XD

YoujimboL337 says:

Btw… i think its 1 Spoon each 1dl water

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