Coffee Maker Review – Hamilton Beach

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Review of a Hamilton Beach Thermal Coffee Maker.


Bob Tsukamoto says:

you’re most welcome my friend….and keep up the great work !!

Kevin Nguyen says:

nice review

Jason Coffee says:

@wheely132 where did you get it?

Jason Coffee says:

@britanysanchez I no longer have this machine but I am going to message you
a link to a user manual for it.

Jason Coffee says:

@PrincessTutu92 I personally did not experience that.

Jason Coffee says:

@akarisame what a bummer the coffee shop here that has one is the Roastarie
and they have great coffee. I guess I am spoiled on that count.

Stratocast83 says:

FREAKING AWESOME!!!! I like this guys enthusiasm and reviews in fact i been
looking for a good coffee maker with thermoses i think I’ll get this one

wheely132 says:

@CoffeeCupNews We got it at CostCo. Oh and Measured the temp while it was
brewing, and the thermometer said “188 degrees” And it is always 10 degrees
off. So it brews at like 198 degrees!!

Jason Coffee says:

@ryansorge21 np. thanks for watching.

Jason Coffee says:

@bobitsuki thanks that means more than you know!

Jason Coffee says:

@akarisame I second that. Unless there is a clover around.

Bob Tsukamoto says:

I’m not a coffee drinker, but I love what you do!!…Awesome review!!! =

Risa Sengstock says:

I realize that this is a bit old but when reading about this product I
heard that a lot of people felt it was horrible because the carafe spills
at every use and constantly creates a mess. have you had any experience
with this?

kooritsuki says:

I wonder if it’s easy to clean~

Jason Coffee says:

@freshbro12 thanks.

Jason Coffee says:

@mavrek47 np. Thanks for watching.

wheely132 says:

Nice review and coffee maker! We have a 10 cup Cuisinart programmable
coffee maker with insulated carafe. Makes a pot in about 5 mins. And it is
glossy black plastic with stainless steel trim!

Jason Coffee says:

@capilanobay no I believe it stops dripping when it’s done brewing.

Graceguia says:

can u put a paper cup under there n still successfully wake up to brewing
coffee without a disaster? i don’t want to have to wash much of anything or
lug an empty cup around. but i also enjoy home weekend brunches with real
coffee mugs.

Graceguia says:

very informative video with clear and concise delivery by reviewer.

capilanobay says:

I don’t like the idea of filling it with the indication inside. I like a
glass tube on the outside because when we fill it, the inside is blocked. I
wish you had brewed some coffee with it. When you pull out the carafe does
the drip stop.

Britany Sanchez says:

I was hoping you would show HOW to brew the coffee…I got this from a
thrift store and no usesr manual came with, and I don’t know if I am
supposed to use the cap on or off the pot while brewing, also how do I brew
just one thermos…not two? (there is only one button!)

katt says:

This is by far the worst coffee maker I’ve ever had the misfortune to waste
80 dollars on. The cups are crap. Water gets inside the space between the
outside shell and inner cup, so when you wash it you need to drain the
water inside. the coffeemaker itself has no feature to stop it from
dripping when you take the pot off mid brew. pouring cleanly with this
thing next to impossible and i always spill. always. unless im pouring
super slowly.


I LOVE YOU COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!

akarisame says:

my fave way to enjoy coffee is… French Press.

akarisame says:

@CoffeeCupNews ABSOLUTELY! however the independent coffee shop here that
has a clover has iffy coffee… it’s hit or miss if it’s tasty or not.

kinkylolol says:

Does this have glass inside or is it metal?

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