Coffee Maker Hack

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I design and add an auto shut-off timer circuit to a coffee maker that has only a manual power switch. Like, subscribe or whatever. Visit my blog for more st…


Gene Smith says:

Hey, I tried leaving you a question on your blog, but it keeps refusing the
password. I’d love to build this, but I need to shut my pot off a lot
sooner – basically, right after I’m done pouring out what I’ve just brewed.
Because this tends to happen early in the morning, I sometimes forget to
turn off the hotplate, which then turns the small remaining amount of
coffee into a carbon crust in the carafe. Since my last math class occurred
in the 1960s, I’d really appreciate some clues as to how to revise the
circuit for the short cutoff. Thanks for any help you can offer!

TakeTheNarrowPath GloryIsHisName says:

Very very good electronic course you just gave us thank you. I hope you
keep making videos.

Jerry Pommer says:

Thank you!

Jerry Pommer says:


Osmosis says:

Excellent i used your method as basis for mine. did a couple things
different. specially the “finishing touch” i was worried about water
getting on the circuit. so i gave it a nice layer hot glue

Jerry Pommer says:

WIN! My wife packed up the baby yesterday afternoon for a field trip and
forgot to turn the coffee maker off before leaving the house. It was left
on all day, and all last night before we noticed this morning. The timer
did its job and kept the hot plate power cut off.

Jerry Pommer says:

Thanks! Yeah, it should probably be potted in something to keep it dry. I
don’t know if hot glue can stand the heat near that hot plate… might just
melt and drip off. Some kind of hi-temp silicone or resin would be good

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