Coffee Maker by Black & Decker

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An unboxing and short review of a programmable coffee maker from Black and Decker and what comes in the box. Model DLX1050W


Jason Coffee says:

@klarinetta great information, thanks!

420xMetalGuitaristx says:

Do you drink your coffee black or do you add cream and sugar?

Jason Coffee says:

@the0beast21 this comment means so much to me. Thanks! 🙂

forum42 says:

Where is the follow up video?

wheely132 says:

I had one of these coffee makers lying around for the longest time unused
so I designated it my decaf coffee maker. Haha

Jason Coffee says:

@markmccormic14 oic, have you ever tried filtered water?

Jason Coffee says:

@420xMetalGuitaristx almost always black. If I feel like a “treat” or my
stomach hurts then a little cream.

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

Do you know that by giving you option about setting the time when the
coffee maker starts to brew and other feature(that’s going to make it more
valuable right?) they are really hiding that they are using crapy boiler
that won’t get up to the right temperature and the water even starts to
fall on the grounds before it gets to the highest possible temperature
which still isn’t high enough.

Jason Coffee says:

@420xMetalGuitaristx you?

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

@klarinetta There are only two brands of brewers(only know the name of
other) that are verified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America and
Europe and that is the Technivorm Moccamaster brewers that are handmade in
Holland. They are expensive and costs 299$ and you don’t get any features
other than you can put it on full,half or closed dripping(you could let it
steep) but what you get is a quality boiler that brews at the right
temperature and lasts 10-20+ years.

Gavin Snyder says:

I have a keurig b60 special edition and is a very good coffee pot

CJxFLO says:

why is this a video?

Jason Coffee says:

because it’s recorded on a camera.

LaTurcaAmericana says:


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