Coffee Maker Brews Fire

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This Mr Coffee Maker should actually be called Mr Fire, because that’s exactly what it brews when you substitute water with flammable liquids in the water re…


iluupoohbear97 says:

That exploded at 3:31

Erika Bell says:

Another great video! Keep making more! ^_^

Patrick Saint says:

Small coffee maker big explosion

SmashPenguin says:

That looked like so much fun! =D

HauntedTexasHunters says:

It’s the little things that keep you going. Keep up the good work

MicrowaveMeShow says:

Now THAT’S some hot coffee! That was REALLY awesome when it blew up like
that. I was not expecting that.

engineflight101 says:

First comment. keep up the good work

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