Cleaning the Cuisinart Burr Grinder coffee maker

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Requested by reshoaf (sorry about the mispronunciation of your You Tube name) on how I clean my Cuisinart Burr Grinder coffee maker.


cheriatthe2ndhalf says:

Sam Smith, about once a week I soak it a little while in some water with a
little white vinegar in it then use a small bottle brush to clean around
the inside. Rinse well then stick into the dishwasher as usual. I hope
this is the information you wanted. Have a great day and thanks for

TheRangeControl says:

I keep cleaning it as I have before. But, now it seems as though it
doesn’t even try to grind anymore. It doesn’t even make a noise as though
the motor is turning or anything… What should I do now?

Brookelynn Morris says:

I can not convey enough thanks to you for making and publishing this video.
After watching, I found my little scoop/brush and could not believe how
much I was able to clear from the chute and grinder. I really appreciated
the tip on using the basket to catch all the grinds. Thank you again. You
have majorly contributed to my quality of life.

Kelly Hilker says:

Thank you!

Sam Smith says:

Thank you for your wonderful show! One question; how to clean the lid of
the coffe pot? Where coffee drops into

cuchelo1 says:

Thanks for this! I had the exact same problem, and I found it quite
difficult to reach the chute, even with the brush, since it’s sort of down
and back, and there’s not a lot of room to maneuver. Any suggestions? I
ended up taking a Q-tip, removing the head, and then gently twisting it
into a curved shape so I could scrape more of the built up grinds, but I
feel like there’s a better way. 

rosieplichta says:

OMG this video is SO HELPFUL! My coffeemaker had been making weaker and
weaker coffee, and this morning I just had a big pot of water after I ran
the machine. Thank you so much for this.

mostjoyfulone says:

Wow what a fantastic coffee pot. You have a fab coffee pot, fab toothbrush.
You are on top of things. lol Love the color orange on you, such a pretty
top. I WANT those earrings! LOL. xo Sarah

TheBTDEB says:

I gave up the coffee addiction 3 weeks ago and I still watched your video.
You are one of my favs!

John Hu says:

Thanks for posting this as my coffee maker is not grinding anymore but I
never knew I had to clean it or how. Now I will go do this procedure on
mine and hope it works.

cheriatthe2ndhalf says:

You very welcome. I’m so happy I could help you.

cheriatthe2ndhalf says:

I can’t take credit for finding either. The tooth brush was a gift and the
coffee maker…when we were house hunting here in March 2011, one of the
homes we looked at, the owner made a batch of cookies and a pot of coffee
for us while we looked over the home. It was very welcome as it was
freezing with snow on the ground. They had this coffee pot and that was one
of the best cups of coffee! So, naturally, we bought one! hugs

Blue Skies for Me Please says:

We have a Keurig now so I don’t have to clean up the coffee mess anymore.
Would love a video on cleaning a glass shower door, it’s the worst to clean
and need any hints on products to remove that white grime.

cheriatthe2ndhalf says:

Best excuse I’ve ever heard!

girlprofessional58 says:

jeez … I need to proof what I’m writing before I post! What terrible
typing … I blame it on the fact that its early morning here and I’ve only
managed to warm up this room so far to 60 degrees!!! 🙂

cheriatthe2ndhalf says:

I only have two vices left (I had MANY in my youth). Coffee and beer. By
golly, I’m not giving up either if I can help it!! But, congratulations to
you on kicking the habit! hugs 🙂

cheriatthe2ndhalf says:

Opps. I’m glad I saved your some hard earned money.

girlprofessional58 says:

What a cool coffee maker … NZ has tremendously good coffee at its cafes,
but you can imagine as good ole american coffee drinkers how weird it was
that at most homes (in my experience) drink basic instant coffee with the
proverbial kiwi electric “kettle” that usually has a place on most kitchen
counters. and … another gorgeous top, cheri (and the nails are gorgeous
too!) … have a great day! XO meredith

blueboxblues says:

Thank you for this! Our chute was clogged and the Cuisinart manual is
COMPLETELY useless. Happy to enjoying a pot of coffee this morning! 🙂

cherries1952 says:

Cheri I don’t even have the same coffee maker but I still watched your
video! I just enjoy listening to whatever you have to say. It’s just like
talking to a friend. Maybe someday I’ll buy the Cusinart and I’ll know how
to clean it. Right now I’m sticking to my Mr Coffee, 4 cup machine. Hope
your enjoying your 4th of July. Keep cool!

cheriatthe2ndhalf says:

I don’t have glass shower doors anymore, but when I had them I’d use CLR.
Spray them, let it sit for at least 15 mins, spray again and scrub with a
non-abrasive sponge and rinse off. I’d have to clime into the tub to clean
them and don’t wear anything you don’t want to mess up (yard work clothes).
To prevent it from building up so often buy one of those “squeegie” things
(that is like a windshild wiper blade) and wipe the water off the door with
it after every shower . Hope this helps you 🙂

girlprofessional58 says:

hmmm … they do drink tea and good coffee (at cafes for the latter), but
somehow think it “normal” to drink instant coffees at home (no doubt while
putting on another jumper coz “… yeah, it is a wee cold today” …) …
even after 10 years here, simply … crazy! (but NZ and kiwis great in most
other ways!!) … and, in your honour, I chose a coral coloured pashima
scarf for work this morning … such a great colour!

cheriatthe2ndhalf says:

Oh your so funny! Yea, the beans are oily and it builds up pretty quickly
and you have to brush it all out (not unlike teeth). I’m sorry you took it
back, it makes the best coffee. I should have shown how to clean it when I
did my first video, I just did not think about it at the time. So sorry!

cheriatthe2ndhalf says:

Your so welcome, I happy I could help you out 🙂

cheriatthe2ndhalf says:

Thank you, this top my grand-baby picked out when she and I were shopping,
she was 4 at the time and found the shirt and I tried it on..she said I was
beautiful so the shirt came home with me. Was the only orange shirt I had
until this year! Instant coffee, with it so cold!? Why, why..that’s
un-american! Oh yea…;) Mostly tea drinkers then?

Helen Barton says:

Thank you for this video, which we found on a google search because our
Cuisinart machine had stopped working. We thought it was broken and were
about to take it back for a refund, we’ve now followed your instructions,
cleaned it, and it’s working perfectly again! thank you!

cheriatthe2ndhalf says:

Nails Inc in the color Little Miss Naughty 🙂

TotemLake says:

Three years owner and I never knew of that chute. I almost made a $200
mistake thinking it was broken. Thanks for the video.

cheriatthe2ndhalf says:

You welcome, I’m glad your back to enjoying that good coffee it makes.

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