Clean Your Keurig Coffee Maker!

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infanta55 says:

I have a very simple cone coffee brewer, everytime after I brew a coffee I
just rinse it for 10 sec and done. After I watch this video I decide that a
K-cup coffee maker is officially removed from my birthday wish list.

Dima Prok says:

I wonder if vinegar acts as decalcifier? I don’t think I am spelling
correctly. For my espresso machine I was supposed to decalcify and my
friend showed me these white tablets that he used to drop in water tank and
run it through.

Robert Serrano says:

do you take out your filter out

Terri S says:

I’ve had my Keurig for nearly two years, bought a separate water filter to
fill the reservoir from. Haven’t had to descale. 

sucroseursidae says:

Thank you for posting this. I had no idea how to clean my Keurig. 

codemancjackson says:

aaaand now it won’t brew anything won’t take water just tries to heat and
dispense nothing.

Cistal c says:

Can you do a cleaning vue

Adam Welsch says:

Are you one Nasty Crab Apple in the Morning? LOL can you do a video on the
reusable K-cups and how they save you money office depot sells a 4 reusable
k-cup for only 9.99 Item # 359759

Ed Erickson says:


Juita says:

I’m very impressed that you went out on the kayak at all (but, like you, I have been doing dfrfeient things in the name of this project!). Also impressed that you managed to take a photo in what I can imagine was quite difficult circumstances!

Sana Batol says:

ok my reservoir is NOT dishwasher safe

Alex Wu says:

I love coffee packaging video and this video vey much .

Mc Swabin says:

@0:14 You’re welcome

Abimael Meda says:

your cute. 🙂

Andrew Braddam says:

The vinegar smell seems to be gone, however my coffee still tastes awful.
I’ve run water through maybe 7+ times.

Pascal Votan says:

I wouldn’t advice you trying it as the Trials of Jobe comes to mind when
getting one of these apart. 🙂

Pascal Votan says:

Well, at least you didn’t dance around in the kitchen with and broom in one
hand and a cup of coffee in the other and run out into the yard and start
singing the theme from THE SOUND OF MUSIC. I am rather disappointed that it
was just acting and not the coffee thou. I thought it was a particular
brand of Keurig coffee k-cup I haven’t tried yet. 🙂 On the plus side your
talking to someone that can actually fix these monsters when you and they
start breathing fire instead of coffee.

Clean My Space says:

Wellllllll, I didn’t take high school drama class for nothing, let’s just
leave it at that 😉

Pascal Votan says:

Sheez ! why don’t i get that same feeling with the coffee I drink out of my
machine. What brand of coffee do you use? 🙂

Matt J says:

I got a used one from someone, been using it a bit myself. I don’t think
vinegar would be enough, I also hate the stuff.. I took the funnel apart
(the part you skipped) and with a Qtip got a ton of black crud out, It
doesn’t look like coffee grinds. Its also easy and doesn’t take any
“finagleing”, it just snaps apart. I had to look up an official keurig
video because I was afraid I would break it using force.

Fluffysays says:

Does it come with a cute lady?

marie carolynn says:

I own a Keurig but the it’s a Mini B30. It only holds 1 cup. So how would
you clean this ?

Clean My Space says:

Mine said it was…

Clean My Space says:

I think that’s likely what happened, because mine is an older model too…

Clean My Space says:

You are welcome, Kevin!

Kevin Scherdin says:

Thank you very helpful

Clean My Space says:

Yes, keep going until it’s all gone.

Clean My Space says:

Enjoy the coffee – I am so glad we got your hand me down working like new!

Clean My Space says:

I expect the method would be similar?

Clean My Space says:

I guess that’s my Canadian accent coming through 🙂

Alex Wu says:

I love coffee packaging video and this video very much.

Stephen Boice says:

Good tips. Thanks

depressingantics says:

Need a tutorial on a keurig mini!! Don’t have a clue how to clean this

JustMe says:

It says NOT dishwasher safe

Joe Kski says:

Like the way you say “out” . sounds like” ooott”. says:

Shop for Keurig Coffee Maker at Great
Prices. Excellent Service . Best Selling

CoffeeCON says:

How to Clean Your Keurig Coffee Maker!

Gigi Johnson says:

If you purchased it at Costco and it is under two years old, they will
replace it for you at no cost. that’s why I purchase as many items there as
I can.

Mary Smith says:

Thank you so much for this video. I never paid attention to cleaning it
until I started getting coffee grounds in every drink. Yick. And I had no
idea how to clean it. I just cleaned it thanks to this video and it’s like
WOW! What a difference! No more coffee grounds and the taste is great!
Thank you so much!

Clean My Space says:

You are welcome!

Clean My Space says:

That’s the last thing anyone needs, coffee makers are not allowed to have a
case of the Mondays. Ever.

Tym Stark says:

You made it so easy for me. Mine wash long overdue but, the coffee taste
great and I’ll make sure and keep it up. I’m letting all my Keruig owners
about it. Thanks so much for the help. My son’s girlfriend’s machine
clogged up to bad to clean out from not cleaning it.

misztal2112 says:


QGG639 says:

Keurig website indicates the reservoir and lid are NOT dishwasher safe. Not
even top-shelf safe?!?

sanders2378 says:

Good video but the loud music made it difficult to hear you clearly. Love
your channel, very practical.

raccoony120 says:

Hi Melissa, after happily trying your tips to clean stuff around the house,
my next question is, what’s a good and effective way to clean the cleaning
cloths? My cleaning cloths after going through rigorous use wiping some
really nasty things seems to have permanently turned brown even after a
couple of cycles and hand washing…

Clean My Space says:

You are welcome, Tym!

Gigi Johnson says:

The two black ‘arms’ that make the kcup tip open have fallen out. Just one
day, instead of the holder dropping down, the arms detached, then fell out.
I’m pretty handy, but have not been able to figure out how to reattach the
arms. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

stealthsub51a says:

Even though I was long overdue on cleaning, after 4 hrs vinegar and then a
couple of water reservoir fills, my 1st vinegar came out clear. When I’ve
done this for Bunn coffee makers at work or church — the vinegar came out
looking like coffee. So, I was pleasantly surprised to get clear vinegar
out of my Keurig.

Clean My Space says:

I don’t have one, but if I ever get one, I will!

Vher Samuel Mitra Aggabao says:

Thumbs up to people who watched this video ’cause she’s hot.

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