Chemex Coffee Maker

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A demonstration of the Chemex brewing method.


RoybertSteve says:

That is not how you use the chemex! This guy does not know how to make
coffee. 180 degree water makes terrible coffee.

Braxton Howard says:

Why is there a 720p option? It’s still about 140p. Also, grams of beans and
oz of water? Grams of water are = to mL of water. It’s a lot less confusing
for the new converts to specialty coffee. If it works for you then keep it
up, but I would never recommend washing the sides off, if you keep the
water level up in the brew then you won’t need to do that. All of this
said, you probably have one of the more accurate videos for chemex on here.
Some people get downright wacky.

rikzz0r says:

@klarinetta then there is no reason to complain about brown paper?

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

How about paperfilter taste? I’ve heard that there is more paperfilter
taste with the Chemex filter than with regular filter and also that brewing
more at a time greatly reduces the Chemex paperfilter taste. Any comment on
that ?

rikzz0r says:

@klarinetta if you pour water over the chemex filter before actually
brewing, the paper should should fade.

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

@rikzz0r You need to wash brown paper 3 times more than white to get the
same neutral taste. You need to wash the thick Chemex filter about 2-3
times more than most other filters. I don’t like brown filters because of
taste but I can use them if I have nothing else. But with Chemex the brown
one is no no no for me. When brewing 12oz just for myself I use about 1
liter of water to rinse the white filter and then most of the paper taste
is gone.

cymatograph says:

what temperature is the water when you pour it on?

Jason Coffee says:

@TroySundt it’s a special filter for the Chemex brewing method. have you
used this method b 4?

flyroscoefly says:

@klarinetta That’s why it’s always important…no…it’s always CRUCIAL to
pour water over the filter, pre-heating the glass and washing away the
papery taste

micky8181 says:

Sounds like your “water boiler” is actually a Keurig pod brewer…no wonder
you kept it off camera!!!

Jason Coffee says:

@klarinetta depends on the filter I think. I have noticed that it has a
cleaner flavor than some brew methods with a great extraction.

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

@rikzz0r Because I do

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

@rikzz0r No only to tell people to avoid them.

rikzz0r says:

@klarinetta why not just get white paper then?

EvanOz85 says:

“uhh” “ummm” “uhhh” “uhhhh” “uhh”

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