Chefmate Coffee Maker Review

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This is the chefmate coffee maker sold at Target for about ten bucks. It’s totally worth ten bucks if you don’t have much money and need your morning brew! I…


Elvisfan2k says:

Mine lasted two weeks, so I took it back top Target and got my

april r says:

mines stop working after 5 days

ingersollturok says:

we broke down and got a kureg

Brandt DeLany says:

I have had mine for almost 5 years and got it at WalMart for $9.99. It has
been one of the best coffee makers I have ever owned. I love it and am
shopping all over town to find another one as this one is going to expire
and I want another one ready to do when it fails.

Pebbles Kon says:

It’s a faulty machine… mine just broke =

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