Cafetino Coffee Maker

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A nifty birthday present, a Cafetino syphon coffee maker. Check out the reflection for added video entertainment.


SamxValle says:

Awesome!!!!! Such an expensive gift!

halofreak4t5 says:

Out of curiosity, when preparing coffee this way, is there a taste
difference at all?

Peter Leutgeb says:

I want one so bad but I cant find this model anywere!

Patrick Van Den Noortgaete says:

A little hello from the guy who made them… I’m Belgian but for the moment
living in Mexico. One of my sons (9) was with me and while browsing we got
your video suggested. Nive to see and read that you liked your gift. Hope
you still enjoy it!

zukabs says:

that is sooo freakin cool

Herinchrist cogic says:

I have learned alot about making coffee watching this all. I see now how to
use the coffee machines I have seen before in stores and catologes.

Retro Ace says:

I remember learning about this in school!

Paul McManus says:

I’ll bet that spherical retort is a treat to clean! Since it doesn’t hold
much pressure they could have made it cylindrical… but, then it wouldn’t
be as pretty.

Matthew Moore says:

@theRekcabofD there’s a spring in the cap of the lamp, when the water is
pushed out, this type of machine is typically balanced or has springs that
will shift the balance or push up the boiler just enough so that the lamp
shuts, then the boiler fills and goes back down.

Kevin Lilly says:

Did Kevin MacLeod do the music on this?

Sixter says:

Too bad these are out of production. That is one of the most entertaining
coffee makers I have ever seen.

jennify says:

that is hillarious–I hadn’t thought of it that way.

calzapapa says:

hahaah its so funny!

calzapapa says:

What is the name of that song??

R-J Van Renesse says:

@artchick07 & @jennify – unfortunately, these aren’t made anymore. But I
happen to know the original designer is working on bringing it into
production again, and the new version will be even higher quality.

frogz says:

i want 1!!!!!!!!!!!! and btw, perfume contains denatured alcohol

artchick07 says:

where could i find one of those?

Dallasarcher says:

They sell less cool but cheaper ones on like some of the are beautiful.
like yours Jenny

jennify says:

My sweetie gives really thoughtful gifts. My birthday is actually this
week, and I can’t wait to see what I’m getting this year!

mikeandtiff says:

now thats a neat coffee maker! Awesome gift

zerobane3 says:

Actually much better then the horrid drip coffee that most american’s now
drink. Ironically most american coffee companies made these until the
1940’s… Until they were replaced by the easier/faster drip machines we
know and love today. I still prefer a French press due to its simplicity;
but this way makes a much cleaner coffee if using a non-metal filter and is
far superior to even the best drip machine.

ethicomm says:

Hi Jennify, do you know who does this version of The Coffee Song?

coloursepia says:

that is really cool and I like the design how does it taste?

darthvaderyoda says:

how long does it take?

jennify says:

really good–used espresso and turkish coffee so far

rca50a says:

That is nifty

jeanya says:

I never drank much coffee until i bought a French Press.

jennify says:

I do still enjoy it! I’m glad you found the video–thank you so much for
your craftsmanship!

wheely132 says:

wow now thats a fancy cup of coffee, how good does it taste?

jennify says:

I don’t know, it was a present. But you could search on the internet for
Cafetino coffee maker, and I’m sure you’ll find it.

Ramon Pigliasco says:

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