Bunn Trifecta MB Single Serve Air Infusion Coffee Maker

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Combining the smooth, clean brewing qualities of a vacuum coffee maker with the ease of use and programability of a super-automatic machine, the Bunn Trifect…


CoffeeZing says:

Love the turbulence settings…

wholelattelovetv says:

Marc here, I really enjoyed the taste of the coffee. Not sure what gave you
that idea.

themrjohnl says:

He tasted the coffee and did not like it! Fail!

mrbeligos says:

I returned mine, because the clean up (that no one mentions) is a PAIN,
brews only 20 oz. at the most before clean up, doesn’t really enhance the
coffee’s taste that much. its a pain to weigh every dosing of coffee, and
cost me a fortune to return it! (shipping and the 15% restock fee) when all
is said and done, not much better than my drip machine. just a marketing
thing for bunn corp……..

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