Bunn Coffee Maker house fire

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The visual footage of our home, after a Bunn-o-matic Coffee Maker burned it down. The model shown is similar to the model we had, which was on recall, though…


Shawn P. says:

If I buy any electronics, 9 times out of 10 I register it online with the
company. Then if there is a recall, I will be notified of it. Sorry for the
loss of your house.

Renee Marks says:

OMG, so sorry. I’m going back to my stainless steel peculator. BTW, it
makes better coffee than any drip. Sir, I would never have allowed any
corporation especially that big or their insurgence company to take my
evidence. I do not trust any of them. To late now, I know. I know a bit
about the law, and the 1st thing you could have done is call your own
attorney or hire one on contingency only. That means he or she works for
you, gets paid, maybe a percent of what you both decide only if you win the
case. Many attorneys jump on this if they think they have a good chance at
winning. Especially if it can amount to a few million bucks. If any
attorney thinks they can win a few million bucks from a multimillion
corporation they will go for it and not stop fighting. If he or she loses,
you do not have to pay anything. Its based on contingency upon winning
only. They would have sent your evidence to their own labs for you in your
favor. Those labs would have been the 1st to insect the cause of the fire.
I know its hard to fight big corps. That’s why we need to get rid of them.
I’m especially sorry about your dog. That hurts my heart. I know they are
our family. So very loved. Again, I’m sorry & my blessings and prayers for
an amazing new beginning. Thank you so much for sharing your valuable
information. It would serve this company right to lose all it has because
of destroying not just your beloved pet but your home & ripping you off.
That’s exactly what they did to you.

ThePopularDelusion says:

This is why I don’t (as a habit) leave any small appliances (of any type)
plugged in when I’m not using it. Only takes 2 seconds to unplug a counter
top appliance, it’s cheap insurance. Sorry for your losses.

alesha stout says:

Are you able to say exactly what model # this was? I am only asking because
this morning my Bunn model GRX-B began tripping the ground fault receptacle
which (thankfully) it was plugged into.

Keith Thurston says:

Really sorry for your loss and I do understand the dangers of using a bunn.
The MOST important information that most people do not realize is that the
rear tank keeps cycling to keep the temps hot. So the occasional coffee
drinker should NEVER own a bunn. As it keeps the water hot in the tank it
is evaporating and after about a week the tank ends up going dry but it
still tries to heat up the water that is not there and ends up causing
fires. I have owned bunns for over 20 years and have never had a problem.
This is only due to the fact that we make on the average of 5 pots per day.
I believe bun could fix this problem if they would redesign their home
product by adding a self fill floatation device so the tank never goes dry.
Yes I do believe the fire in your home was caused by the coffee maker and
in no way shape or form am I trying to say it wasn’t. I just believe that
people that drink coffee on rare occasion should be informed they are
increasing their chances of fire if they do not unplug the coffee pot or by
buying an on demand rather than a continuous model. Hope everything ends
well for you and your family and you get back on track with your lives..
Best wishes

Johnny Franklin says:

Yesterday my Bunn tripped the GFCI outlet. Today I was thinking about
trying to fix it. After watching this Video I think I’ll just junk it, and
thank God the GFCI saved my House. I’m sorry for your loss.

Madlax99 says:

And Assholes like Mitt Romney say Corporations are People…I don’t think
so. Of course a company is going to say the buyer was a fault, even with
their deep pockets they won’t pay the amount to rebuild a house. The cost
of a house is chump change to these companies, besides it was likely made
in China. I’m sure QC would have noticed a problem right away if the coffee
makers were made in the good old USA!

Abdullah al-masud says:

Company never tells truth.

EpiDemic117 says:

Well i think it depends on how long the person has owned the product. If
you’ve just purchased it and it caught your house on fire. I think the
company that sold it should show a large portion of accountability. But if
there are no other cases where that has happened then you might have run
into fault wiring in your home. There are many factors that could cause a
house fire. But if the manufacturer was very well aware of the defect then
they should take responsibility for damages.

hammerofjezabel says:

I’m looking forward to having my house burned down so I don’t have to sell
it. LOL

nosmokinggun says:

thanks for your comments here is my reply i have checked lab prices cant
afford them ,the recall was for a falt in the switch

jarhead6153 says:

Sorry to hear of this…I hope your family and you are taken care of, this
upsets me since we use a BUNN coffee maker. Company should stand by its
product, to include liability.

Mike Trumbature says:

Go to the CPSC recall website and see how many coffee pots have been
catching on fire for years and still a work in progress. Check the
Cuisinart DCC-1200 fires in progress on Google. See Underwriters Laboratory
rats smoke detector failures on YouTube “UL-approved smoke alarms may give
false sense of security” Underwriters Laboratory – PULL YOUR HEADS OUT OF

Mike Trumbature says:

I have an old MR. Coffee that’s probably 20 years old still going. I have a
19.99 coffee from Target pot that’s several years old and no problems. I
took it apart and looked for any signs of overheating and found none. There
are people buying 100.00 coffee pots like the Cuisinart DCC-1200 that are
going smoking shortly after being purchased and still not on the CPSC
recall list.

montemary says:

Hi there sir, did you send a letter to the Attorney General?

Crazcompart says:

I hope you were eventually compensated…Used to have a Bunn “Pour-O-Matic”
at one time, but it was a commercial version, purchased at an office
sale…Lasted for years until lime deposits in the line finally ended its
life…Not familiar with the home version, though…

FishFingersNH says:

I emailed them man. I told them to make it right. And that im not doing
business with them again. I’m going to sale my 2012 ones ASAP

Willy Michigan says:

Thank you for the warning! God bless!

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