BUNN Coffee Brewer Line Up (287)

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Walk through of the BUNN coffee brewer line up. Choosing a coffee maker.


sandridge91 says:

@CoffeeCupNews Great! cant wait!

Jason Coffee says:

did they replace the machine for free?

khaney2004 says:

great coffee but 3 burnt out machines and return shipping costs… I am
getting kinda P O.

Jason Coffee says:

@sandridge91 yes, after I spend some time with the trifecta I will demo the

sandridge91 says:

Great video! Not everyone knows of the quality that Bunn delivers to the
table. I use a Bunn GRW Velocity brewer and couldn’t be happier with it.
Cant see myself switching back to any other brand of coffee brewer. I
support Bunn as it is a local business where Im from. I can also say Im
excited about the Trifecta MB and wish you the best of luck with yours! Do
you think you’ll ever try out one of their other brewers?

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