Bosch TassimoT45 (Suprema) Review plus FAQ about Tassimo Coffee Maker

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WHERE TO BUY: Bosch TassimoT45 (Suprema) Exclusive review plus Tassimo FAQ by About Tassimo T4…


Logan Percy says:

Mine into working there crap my mam spent 2 houweres on that thing

george ketsios says:

My main concern is how hot the coffee is. I use an old fashioned percolator
as I know my coffee will be hot. Will the Tassimo give me hot coffee

sweetnightingale2907 says:

Thanks for the review and hope you get a little bit of a laugh over my
little mishap. 🙂

BasketOfPuppies says:


Aromacup Coffee Maker Reviews says:

Yes it will. It’s actually will be 165-170 in the cup. But it will be not
as hot as from percolator thought :). Enjoy your cup,

Aromacup Coffee Maker Reviews says:

Got it :). Enjoy your cup,

Aromacup Coffee Maker Reviews says:

Here’s 2 types of T-Discs. Extra Bold ones have more coffee inside. So
please try em and see if it better. Enjoy your cup,

phantomkitsunezero says:

This was very good, I think the single display videos are a bit better than
side by side because you give more freedom to address questions and pros
and cons. Since I checked that Tassimo vs Kuerig, I have since gotten a
little chance to try the two, and I gotta say, they are really neck and
neck as both have proven to be good for the average joe individual, both
have good selections and both are easy to use. I somewhat wish I had a
little more depth in the brewing world to offer a better voice.

kfitrell says:

I have the T45. Adding more water just waters it down. What did you use to
fill up that large glass?

zip187 says:

did he say im all set to start blowing at 9:02 o.O

843peterson says:

very informative review. I learned a lot about the Tassimo T45. I hope to
win it!!!!!

Aromacup Coffee Maker Reviews says:

@TheSjpower Have you tried to descale?

TheSjpower says:

mine does not fill the cup full at all!! it just fills like 1/4 and then it
stops.. what to do?

Aromacup Coffee Maker Reviews says:

Yes we did :). Enjoy your cup,

sweetnightingale2907 says:

Of course, I read the instructions and watched your video so I shouldn’t
have messed it up. Haha! Anyway, after I figured it out, I made myself a
cup of coffee and I love the taste. Machine works perfectly and the coffee
is great. I just wish they made some for travel sized mugs, as I’d have to
brew 2 T-discs to get my trusty mug completely full. All in all, I’m
enjoying it, and it’s nice to have a choice, so I’m not limited to the slim
pickings the Vue offers at the moment…

Aromacup Coffee Maker Reviews says:

From barcode. User don’t have any control.

zip187 says:

ohh i doo haha have one of these myself 😛 good product was just surprised
at what was said 😛

Aromacup Coffee Maker Reviews says:

Indeed. We wish Tassimo would have reusable option. Enjoy your cup,

Aromacup Coffee Maker Reviews says:

@phantomkitsunezero Thank you for great comment. Enjoy your cup –

Linda Mispounas says:

Can you do a open box video on a Tassimo. Like what are the preparations
when its new out of the box. please & thank yoy

Amr Ayoub says:

How does the machine determine the cup size ?

KL614416 says:

What are the other two sections on the wheel for? One looks like a tap. I
don’t have my user manual and I was wondering what those functions are for

Aromacup Coffee Maker Reviews says:

You can always add more water (just hold button after brew). Which model do
you have? Enjoy your cup,

Aromacup Coffee Maker Reviews says:

:). Enjoy your cup,

Pam Norman says:

There’s milk left in the T-disc after I brew, no matter how long I let the
machine goes through the process. I’d let it go from green light to orange
and when I open the chamber and lift the cappuccino milk disc, there is
still milk left. Is there something wrong with the machine?

kfitrell says:

QUESTION: What discs are you using to brew the Tassimo Latte? I bought the
machine based on your reviews but the lattes are TINY. They don’t even fill
up a standard coffee mug. There is no way that the disc you are showing is
for an espresso latte. All the Tassimo lattes T discs I’ve found call for
an 11 oz mug and they don’t even fill that up. Are you using a discontinued
brand disc?

Aromacup Coffee Maker Reviews says:

I think it’s descale and add water (display only buttons). Enjoy your cup,

sweetnightingale2907 says:

Just got one of these today. I have a Keurig Vue but there isn’t a whole
lot available for that yet. I’m a coffee junkie and love coffee makers so I
HAD to have one of these. Had a bit of an “Oh Crap!” moment when I put in
the T-disc wrong. If anyone can mess up a dummy-proof gadget, it’s me. 😛
Let’s just say, I was “grounded” for a while (ruined one of my lovely
Gevalia Signature Blend discs and cried over remains). Cleaned the thing
out a couple times and then figured out what I did wrong…

Aromacup Coffee Maker Reviews says:

We’ll publish review for Tassimo T55. Enjoy your cup,

Aromacup Coffee Maker Reviews says:

@skyanna123 Thank you! Enjoy your cup,

Anna Price says:

first to watch!!

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