Bosch Tassimo T55 Brewer – Exclusive Review

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WHERE to BUY Tassimo TassimoDirect: Bosch Tassimo T55 Single Serve C…


Igor Del Norte says:

Tassimo T55 Exclusive Review

Monica Ionescu says:

Where can I buy descaling tablets?

fudeldideldu says:

The clicking Sound is not the Barcode reader…

Marguerite. Posner says:

Crochet baby. Cartagin

Amie Tsang says:

like your intro but u didn’t mention the black puck and black slide part,
how to put it, none of the manual show it, and what about the filter that
comes with. if we don’t use the machine, shall we drain all water out?
appreciated to hear from you

Michael Thomas says:

I think I’m going to get this machine, both for home and office.

dboymax1 says:

Futureshop (Canada) offered a promo this weekend where can get this machine
(normally $140) for free if you bought $80 of t discs from them. I took
advantage of the sale and got the red one. Can’t wait to try it out….

ALFofFAMU1986 says:

Great machine. Great T-Cup flavors.

Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

T55 is second generation. So I would stick with T55. Now locking mechanism
is more secure. Enjoy your cup,

gartersnake184 says:

getting my mom this for mothers day 🙂

Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

It uses regular T-Discs. Enjoy your cup,

birger mortensen says:

and all of eu and scandinavia usa and so on. i live in denmark. but thanks
for your videos. enjoy your cup too. 🙂

Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Great. Enjoy your cup,

allblacks420 says:

The T55 uses the newer T-Discs with the dual bar codes, last year’s T-Discs
only had the one bar code on the disc at the 9 o’clock part of the T-Disc
and those won’t work in this brewer.

Nelly Kapas says:

Great video. I just happened to find a returned one at the store on
clearance so I ended up grabbing it, but then got worried maybe the
clicking sound wasn’t a good sign, but I see that’s normal. My question
tho, I got the Gevalia 16pc T-discs, but they look half the size of the
ones you are using. Did they change sizing or I just grabbed some cheapo
pack? heh. Thanks!

Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Thanks :). Enjoy your cup,

Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Great comment. Yes. Tassimo have new package for them as well. New T-Discs
have dual bar codes and will work with all Tassimo home brewers. Enjoy your

Anis Berhil says:

I need your advise regarding how many pressure bar tassimo has. I can’t
find an answer, but I read somewhere that tassimo has 3.3 pressure bar vs
15 or more for CBTL/dolec gusto/versimo. you know that pressure bar is very
important to extract the full flavor for an espresso. do you have any idea?
how would you compare an espresso brewed using tassimo vs CBTL? Thanks

Kandypirate says:

sweet greenscreen skills

Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

I think Melitta caffeo lattea available only in UK right?. Enjoy your cup,

hip says:

Great informative video 🙂 Now if you could just enunciate your T’s in
button and important, they are not D’s, Just sayin’ 🙂

Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Thanks. If you want more coffee in your cup you will need to buy “Extra
Bold” T-Discs (amount of water controlled by barcode). Also you can always
add water after you brew your coffee or tea. Enjoy your cup,

Slermal says:

I am completely impressed with my T55 I just bought. The wife saw the T65
on clearance and I said “No, Aromacup said get the T55”. Thanks for all the
videos and keep up the great reviews.

birger mortensen says:

i got a melitta caffeo lattea. and that tassimo t55 would be a nice side
buddy for coffee perfection. 🙂

Monica Ionescu says:

I use my Tassimo all the time

Bobby Haberlin says:

Hi I was actually looking to buy this machine but when I went into my local
outlet (Rep. of Ireland) they had the T55 & T65 side by side… They are
the same price but which is better???

Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Tassimo will make espresso-like beverage since it don’t have 15 bars
pressure. So if you are looking for Single serve Espresso machine please
take a look “Nespresso Lattissima Plus vs Keurig Rivo vs Starbucks Verismo
– exclusive Review and Comparison” video. Enjoy your cup,

Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Great choice. Enjoy your cup,

Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Awesome. We love comments like this :). Enjoy your cup,

Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Thank you. Enjoy your cup,

floydefisher says:

Looking at the machine…it seems it’s designed to use tassimo pro
t-disks….is that true, or can you use the regular t-disks?

Bob Brewster says:

The resevoir system is a poor design. It has to tilt and pivot in.Can be
hard to line it up

Igor Del Norte says:

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