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Bosch Tassimo T20 coffee maker review.


Jason99942 says:

These products are such a rip off. People, since when have you become so
lazy that you cannot brew a pot of coffee? The sheer monetary ripoff is
mind boggling. It’s almost as if many of you don’t even know how to insert
a coffee filter, or how to measure 3 scoops of coffee into the filter. Very
sad indeed. Also, those plastic pods are not recyclable via traditional
means. You have to mail them off to a private recycle contractor. Yet of
course, you guys don’t care do you?

Paul Nyman says:

Hi Steve I just saw your Bosch Tassimo t20 Testing Produced on Youtube mmm
I hope you do ather one about Descaling and Cleaning bosch tassimo t20
thank you

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