Bosch Tassimo Coffee Maker

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This video looks at the Bosch Tassimo Home Brewing System. Great product that produces a single cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate as well as a variety of oth…


sedtechreviews says:

As far as I know you do have to use Tassimo discs and they all do have a
barcode. I am not aware of another manufacturer making Tassimo compatible
discs. Thanks for watching.

BrasherN says:

do you have to use the tassimo brand discs? or are there other ones you can
use that will work. do other ones have barcodes on them too? and are the
barcodes needed? thanks

sedtechreviews says:

Yes it was they sent me a small disc holder to replace the old one. To be
honest even though I did replace it I never had any issues with the old
disc holder.

xxgg says:

Looking at the video,, you have the older design T-disc holder, was yours a
part of the recall?

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