Bosch Tassimo Coffee Maker (UPDATED)

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This is a full review of the Tassimo Coffee maker 100% Recommended Coffee Maker You Can Find the Best prices at Amazon…


Marissa Pedroza says:

Although, he’s a cutie… why is a child recommending coffee makers? Next
he’ll be reviewing electronic cigarettes.

andy ap says:

Oh my god is good thank you so much that helps

Renee Song says:

I really doubt,are you old enough to drink coffee?

doublesidedtoot says:

While I agree this brewer is fantastic, I disagree with your pronunciation.
Where we fill the T-discs it is pronounced Tăss´ ĭm ōh. Stressing the first
syllable not the second, nor with a zee sound. But, you may say it however
you wish, I just never heard it pronounced that way. I’m not a hater. 😉 Oh
yeah, thanks for the kind review!

Chuck Frasher says:

What a wonderful review! You really did an excellent job! Looks like a nice
machine. But I wish it would also allow you to grind your own coffee and
use it instead of having to buy these pre-made cups. I like the freedom of
choosing my own coffee. And I disagree with the person below comparing this
to reviewing electronic cigs. Unlike tobacco and nicotine, coffee has a lot
of health benefits….like a decreased risk of diabetes and dementia later
on in life, which is just the opposite of tobacco

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