Bosch Tassimo coffee machine and how to halve the price of latte coffee .

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If like me you find the cost of Tassimo latte coffee discs a bit expensive then here is a cheaper way of getting the same thing. Visit my home help website at


Zeph Lawes says:

A bit of a faff – but scan an express Costa disc. print it out, cut the
bar codes out, and sellotape the barcode to a Costa Americano disc. Heat
3/4 mug of milk in microwave for 1:30 (ish), place cup under Tassimo, add
‘amended’ disc, and go. Hey presto, you have a Costa Latte. I do this
when I buy the Americano discs, take 10 minutes, but no wasted milk pods,
and 16 coffees for the price of 8!!!!!!

Chris Flegg says:

Up until the weekend i had a Dolce Gusto for 4 years and hated the crappy
milk for latte etc, so i invested in a electric milk frother and only buy
coffee lungo, ristretto, and espressos, it worked out a helluva lot nicer,
the frother was about 12 quid and i add cinnamon and sugar in to the mix
and it makes the best ever froth and of course its hot!

Andy Moore says:

The video is good. But the resulting latte is frickin awful. After having
this I will gladly pay the extra for the costa discs. Missus doesn’t like
it either. You win “tazzimo”.

Maxine Mealey says:

This a great tip, thanks!

Chris Litton says:

A handy tip!!, all the milk pods are sweetened, so if your diabetic like me
it’s good to avoid them where possible, saving cash is also good lol

Mandy Howard says:

Thanks. What a great tip. I am finding the latte milk quite sickly. So i
will definitely use this idea. 

Tomek Olejniczak says:

3:00 this is water? or what?

robert j higgs says:

i see from your video the de scale light is on i found that supermarket
denture tablets do just as good job at descaleing for penny’s per pack
rather then the pounds for the 4 tablets of tassimo brand and supermarket
still water 20p for 2lt bottles slows the scaling right down when used for
the water tank

Tracy Clail says:

Great idea , will defo be trying that

BC Cabernet says:

What a great idea to buy only the espresso/coffee and fill it up with your
own milk. In Canada, we get Nabob for espresso and I particularly don’t
fancy it, but I will try the Kenco or another brand. 

Keith Chung says:

Thanks Derick a good way to half the price of your pods. 

Ron Laws says:

Awesome! i was considering getting one of these but the price of the
refills made me think it would become the modern equivalent of the posh
china! good to know there’s some cheaper options for the machine though! 

breadring says:

Do the pods need to have the bar code on them for them to work on the
tassimo machine.

Κώστας Πεχλιβανίδης says:

Thank you a lot m brother loves latte and now we know how to make a latte
in halve price thank you!

acward2007 says:

Well done Sir! Have made a note on that one, just have to wait until
Christmas for my machine to come along :-)

Andy Milne says:

thanks I just brought a tassimo defo worth knowing cheers

andrew jones says:

I’ve been doing the same with the espresso t-disc.but I added a lot more
milk. But I’ve got a few different varieties to try. Just keep eye on the
amount of milk otherwise they overflow .

RockTo11 says:

I wish Costa T-discs were available in the US. All the best Tassimo drinks
seem to be European. Good tip with the milk. I shall try that tomorrow.

dereton33 says:

Will do Andrew , thanks for your info. Kind regards al.

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