Bonavita Connoisseur | Crew Review

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Gabriel Del Pino says:

What would you recommend me for 220 volt?

Blake Mayer says:

Can you provide advice. Should I buy Moccamaster or Bonavita?

theerasers13 says:

Can you guys review Flair espresso manual machine?

Fruity Perez Family says:

I've read reviews that state it is difficult to actually get all of the coffee out of the carafe because of the design. Has anyone found this to be true?

S Brown says:

They use quality expensive brewers. So why do they use a $5 thermometer? Buy a Thermapen. Then maybe I'll believe the temps you are reporting.

Josh Dollins says:

i can't wait to upgrade to one of these someday nice review! bring back sundays with gail! 😉

diycentral says:

You guys scared me. Thought I would want to upgrade but I actually prefer the old design 🙂

Patrick Crutchley says:

Been using an older (cone-filter) Bonavita 8-cup with thermal carafe for 3 years. Still as great as the day it was new. Thermal carafe is no slouch, even for all-day drinking. This looks like the same one. Only slightly tempted by the Precision Brewer to replace it.

alekzz is rec says:

80zz realnezz haha

Carmelo Ortiz says:

¿Website ?

Carmelo Ortiz says:

¿Website ?

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