Bonavita Coffeemaker Review

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Kevin Sinnott, the Coffee Companion, tests and reviews the new Bonavita Coffeemaker.


stockjonebills says:

I agree with mrdh23453. I bought this coffee maker. Its fast and brews hot,
but the coffee coming out always has a burnt or overly bitter taste. I’ve
tried different coffee. Peets etc. I almost think this coffee make heat the
water so quickly and so hot it over extracts.

K. Chow says:

Your voice belongs on America’s Test Kitchen or a news anchor.

fuxamatter says:

I want to pelt this guy with coffee beans

Dennis Bullard says:
jukeboxjimmy11 says:

Great review….been waitning for this baby to hit the shores of the
USA….hope they are on a boat or plane now…thank you very much for your

TheCoffeeCompanion says:

I make all test measurements at the water showerhead as it drips over the
grounds. My Bonavita sample measured between 195 and 205 throughout the
brew cycle. If you measure the coffee temperature following brewing it will
likely be around 185F. I hope this is not confusing, but no coffeemaker
I’ve tested is designed to produce coffee that is 200F after brewing. Hope
this is helpful.

Croozer says:

Does the Bonavita have a copper heating element like the Technivorm?

Prima Coffee says:

Looks like getting them in for the holidays will be a little tough. We do
expect to have them in around the New Year so check checkout Prima Coffee’s
Blog blog for a product announcement around in late December. We have been
able to play around with a test model and really like the results as well.
At almost half the price of the Technivorm, the Bonavita has a competitive

TheCoffeeCompanion says:

I do know. I did not disassemble the machine, but I would not assume so. As
far as I know, the two automatic drip coffeemakers touting the Technivorm’s
heating element are the Technivorm itself and the Bodum Bristro automatic
drip coffeemaker.

Kevin Sinnott says:

Thanks for comments everyone. So far so good. No, it’s no Technivorm in
build quality, but the price point is in the Kia territory whereas
Technivorm is still BMW. Please forgive the auto analogies.

acudnam says:

just bought one and love it. machine is simple to use, no bells and
whistles, makes coffee that is hot and just right, coffe is made quickly
and taste great. Its also a compact unit and fits neatly in my counter
space and i like its looks. I bought the unit with the thermos instead of
the glass, very happy with this machine.

hollianmcrano says:

I bought this hoping that I could “convert”: it to use a Chemex coffee
pot. Our automatic coffee maker from Chemex stopped working and they no
longer make it. I was able to use an 8 cup chemex (stopping it so it could
“bloom”) and it works great. I had to lift the top a bit but it works fine.
here is the link to it in case anyone is interested: amzn.to13s3Xxo

mrdh23453 says:

IWe just ordered it to replace a leaky Bunn and I need some feedback. it is
not making great coffee. we’ve used Bunns for 25 years and loved them. My
first test pots on the Bonvita were with a scrumptious chocolaty arabica
from costa rica. the grind smells chocolaty & the Bunn made it taste
chocolaty. with the bonavita, a medium & fine grind both just tasted “dark”
& nondescript. although it was very hot, it reminded me of mr coffee; the
kind of coffee that needs cream & can this be?

rasqual78 says:

First! Nice review, Kev. Thanks!

sgbaird says:

I can’t find one for sale anywhere just yet. I hope to see them available
for the holidays.

chriskila says:

It looks ALOT like Melitta aroma excellent… same brand?

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