Bonavita Coffee Maker Overview

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Simple, affordable, and good control of temperature means great coffee out of the Bonavita coffee maker. The Bonavita thermal coffee brewer is available at…


TheeMidnightMarauder says:

I just ordered my own Bonavita coffee maker. It’ll be sitting in my kitchen
in two more days! Can’t wait. Great video. ´╗┐

Danny Diaz says:

I think you guys should put the names of the songs and their artists of the
music you guys have in these videos so you guys dont get sued..

Stapler Chan says:

I’m sure Miles and gang know about this, it’s cool.

Clive Coffee says:

@Relaps3 – On past videos YouTube added attribution and a link to purchase
the music automatically. Perhaps they stopped doing this. We gave up trying
to understand how Google operates a long time ago. This song is “So What”
by Miles Davis (thanks @Stapler78)

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