BODUM BISTRO b.over electric coffee maker 11001

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Has there ever been a coffee system in more dire need of re-invention than the drip system? It’s almost become a synonym for bitter, bad tasting coffee. Well…


anndraTX says:

enough with the voice fry!

KomodoDragon74 says:

Very sharp looking coffee machine.

Panf says:

Bodum always looks so pretty.

Tim Daigle says:

This Coffee maker truly sucks. I had one for a few weeks before it failed
and Budum sent me another one. The new one has never worked a single time.
They don’t power on AT ALL. Stay away from this garbage

1956chip says:

Does anyone ever use a paper filter paper with this??? Bodum suggests not
to use a paper filter….if so I am wondering why not?.

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