Bodum Bistro b.over Coffee Maker

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The Bodum Bistro 40oz Electric Thermal Carafe Drip Coffee Maker has a removable water reservoir, a powerful spiral heating element and glass tubing deliver t…


1956chip says:

I am experimenting with paper filters on this machine. I do not mind the
coffee sediment(I love it) but the word is that it is not good for people
who are concerned with cholesterol. I have tried a paper filter(#4 cone)
inside the gold one(tricky to install) and the coffee was still superb
without any sediment at the 4-cup water level. So far the sediment is my
only concern with this brewer. A paper filter should be OK as long as the
coffee is not ground too fine I guess.

Dale Bryan says:

Adding a paper filter is possible but be careful because the coffee could
overflow from the basket depending on the type of filter used. This occurs
because it was designed not to use one.

1956chip says:

Does anyone know why it is suggested we can’t use a paper filter with this

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