Blind Taste Test: Technivorm vs. Bonavita Coffee Makers

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How does the new kid on the block compare with the specialty coffee world’s darling? We put them to a blind taste test to see which cup the crew prefers.


Claudia Octavia says:

clicks the on button on the $15.99 Mr. Coffee and watches the wealthy people play with their expensive toys.

Garry Hyland says:

The review does not help. At the end of the day, your shop is trying to sell both machines !

dogwomanhere says:

I own both. I've had the Technivorm Moccamaster KBT for roughly 7 yrs, and this Bonavita for only a month. I should mention that I brew no less than 5 pots a day. In terms of taste….it's splitting hairs. I edge towards the Technivorm Moccamaster.  The Technivorm has been a work horse & still going! BTW, I use reverse osmosis water(no mineral buildup)BUT here's my gripe with it; The brew basket…the flow control a little piece of metal does loose it's tension and fails. The damn plastic basket costs $25 to replace!  On my 2nd replacement basket the metal piece popped out & is useless now-under 2yrs! The SS carafe does a great job at keeping coffee hot(unlike the Bonavita)BUT that too failed-top section(around plastic) separated (popped off) from the lower section of pot.That was a $80+ replacement. AND it's very difficult to clean. Altho, I've found a non-toxic way to clean it-"Ecover" auto dishwasher tablets or powder-let it soak for an hour & use a bottle brush. Anyway… It all comes down to $$. I wish Technivorm would change their baskets or lower their costs, or better yet-send a couple free replacements considering how much it costs! I am now retired and can't afford these pricey replacements. Which is the reason I now have the Bonavita at half the price(upfront). The Bonavita's SS carafe is cheap crap-it is NOT thermo. If that matters to you.And do to it's wide mouth it losses heat as it brews.  If the Bonavita can handle the workload for 7yrs as the Technivorm has….It's a no brainer. If you can afford the Technivorm and need a workhorse… it.

Rkw says:

I loved the coffee from the Bonavita. Problem was, I went through 5 of the machines in 2-3 years. The heating element gave out on 3 of them, and the electronics on the others. All were replaced under warranty, so I can't say enough about their customer service, but the machines just didn't last. (one pot of coffee per day). I even kept and used the glass lined carafe from my first machine, to use with the others. The later ones had stainless inside the carafe. I just got tired of replacing them! And, I strongly suggest only the machine with the on/off button, as the fancy electronics they installed on later machines were a total failure. Many had problems according to online reviews. Wish I still had a good reliable operating one!

David Falgout says:

How do these compare to a Bunn?  It is about a $100. machine

the jester says:

First off, thank you for all the great videos, tonnes of information with extra friendly attitude; thumbs up 🙂 As for this one, I think it's flawed: you should have served both coffees at the same temperature. Temperature obviously affects the taste and smell of the drink – both in terms of what happens to the molecules in the drink and how the temperature affects the mouth etc. What's more, the higher temperature gives away which cups came from the thermal jug, so that throws the whole idea of 'blind tasting' out the window 😉 Might be worth a re-make maybe. Also if you could answer a QUESTION please: does either (or related models) have any brewing temperature controls? Any other practical considerations to take into account before buying? Thanks!

Barrie Doubleday says:

Well since I'm a pensioner now, the Technivorm is out due to price. So I purchased the Bonavita about 6 months ago and have been very happy with it. Nice to see it validated here. Also I agree with other comments on the carafe,(but then perhaps I have more patience),  it needs some re-thinking. I also don't think it stays hot very long for thermal carafe. But because mine is a 5 cup rather than 8 cup, we find it brews two coffee travel mugs precisely so time in carafe is not a huge problem.

Panagiotis Mitropoulos says:

I can't stand the carafe on the Bonavita. Unless you take the extra step of screwing on the carafe topper, pouring coffee directly out if it inadvertently results in coffee spill. Never fails.
The poor carafe design is a deal breaker for me.

Additionally, has anyone else noticed that a good amount of water is lost to steam or who knows where and always end up with significantly less coffee amount than the amount of water used to make the coffee??

Jeff S says:

I have both the Bonavita and Technivorm. The Bonavita extracts a lot faster and I have to dink with the grind and coffee amount constantly. The Bonavita seems to brew a lot hotter (I plan to get something to measure temp.) With that the coffee smells and tastes a bit burnt. The Technivorm is the winner. That said, for the price. The Bonavita isn't bad if you're willing to manage the process a little more.

Sitting Under a Walnut Tree says:

If you're looking to make just 1 cup of coffee at a time buy a pour over and some filters for $20 bucks sure it takes a few extra minutes, but the coffee tastes great and there's no plastic parts leeching into your coffee. I was almost suckered into buying the moccamaster, how dumb is it that you have this fancy $200 machine that you have to stand there and stir the whole time… it's the same as a pour over but costs $180 more for some stupid fucking reason

Ron Jones says:

We are returning our brand new Bonavita and replacing it with a Technivorm. It has nothing to do with the coffee (although I do think the Bonavite does not get the coffee hot enough), it is entirely due to the flawed design of the thermos carafe. It takes forever to fill your cup with the lid on. If you keep the lid off, it drools all over the counter and down the side of the carafe.
The biggest issue is that about and eighth of a cup of coffee is left in the thermos and you can't pour it our without shaking the thermos. When cleaning it , I cannot get all of the rinse water out for the same reason. Coffee good! Thermos carafe bad!


bonavita is best buy but their price made a huge hike!.

uhavemooface says:

I like my coffee hot. I think it should be hot. Just not too hot to where you burn your tongue. I have made that cup of coffee before here at home when I had a coffee maker. I miss my coffee.

Joseph Hamme says:

Yes because im getting ready to throw this crap Mellita/Hamilton beach dripper in the trash!

vee tour says:

How do these compare with a coffee shop coffee?

Zebman says:

Maybe let Bonavita cool to same temp before testing. Temp affects taste a lot.

Freddie Slaughter says:

Very good test. Have you tested the new Kitchen Aid single cup coffee maker?

Tea and Tattle says:


I'm currently using nuovo simonelli appia. I have customer complaining our coffee taste bad. Currently the timing of my brewing machine took 25-27 secs to brew any coffee. And the mazzer grinder scale is number 3. Can you enlighten me on this issue? I suspect the timing is too long and might burnt the bean in the process.

Side note: coffee bean we're using have crema during brewing.

stockjonebills says:

What coffee did you use for the experiment? I bought the bonavita. Its a nice machine but my coffee comes out more bitter than expected.

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